Halti christmas gifts for menHalti christmas gifts for men

Happy Holidays!


The holiday season is around the corner and the magic of Christmas time fills our minds. Stop to enjoy the moment, fill your kitchen with the smell of freshly baked gingerbread and enjoy a cozy evening in candlelight. The holiday season is a time to take a break from hectic everyday life and relax with the ones you love. During the holidays we also love to remember our favorite people with gifts.

In this guide, we have gathered our best tips for men's gifts.

Treat a loved one with a

Base layers are the foundation of autumn and winter outdoor outfits. The layer next to the skin plays a particularly important role, ensuring that the outdoor enthusiast stays comfortable and warm.

Comfortable base layers can also be worn casually at home and on weekdays under jeans.

Halti Pihka men's base layer shirt black
Pihka II Merino Baselayer Shirt Men's
109,00 €
Halti Pihka men's merino wool base layer green / Halti Pihka miesten merinovillakerrasto vihreä
Halti Pihka men's base layer pants green
Pihka II Merino Baselayer Pants Men's
109,00 €
Halti Windfire Warm Baselayer Set Men's
Halti Windfire men's base layer shirt blue
Windfire Warm Baselayer set Men's
79,90 €
Halti Neva men's merino wool base layer shirt blue
Neva Merino Base Layer Set Men's
99,90 €
Soft & warm layers to keep him warm

For someone who enjoys soft and cozy materials and a fuzzy extra layer (even if they don't admit it), our mid-layers are a perfect gift! Explore our fleece & other light jackets, mid layers, shirts, and hoodies with different features so you can find the perfect gift for your favorite guy.

Mid-layers make a great soft package for under the Christmas tree.

Halti Tuntu Miesten T-Paita - Men's T-Shirt
Tuntu II Merino T-shirt Men's
Tuntu II Merino T-shirt Men's
79,90 €
halti tuntu men's merino shirt green - halti tuntu miesten merinovillapaita vihreä - halti tuntu merinoshirt herren grün - halti tuntu merinotröja herr grön
halti tuntu men's merino shirt green - halti tuntu miesten merinovillapaita vihreä - halti tuntu merinoshirt herren grün - halti tuntu merinotröja herr grön
Tuntu II Long Sleeve Merino Shirt Men's
99,90 €
Halti Skaltsi Unisex T-Paita - Unisex T-Shirt
Halti Skaltsi Unisex T-Paita - Unisex T-Shirt - Black
Skaltsi T-shirt Unisex
49,90 €
Halti Hiker Miesten Trekking Paita - Men's Trekking Shirt
Halti Hiker Treking shirt Men's / Halti Hiker retkeilypaita miesten
Hiker Trekking Shirt Men's
99,90 €
Small gifts with a big meaning

Our accessories are an easy gift idea for the holiday season. Warm beanies, gloves and tube scarves come in small packages but with them he will stay warm on even the coldest days outdoors.

Our Universal merino tube scarf is timeless, warm, and useful around the year.

halti aero sport cap black / halti aero miesten urheilulippis musta
Aero Cap
Aero Cap
39,90 €
Halti Kevo Lierihattu - Beige 1
Kevo Hat
Kevo Hat
49,90 €
Halti Laava Panta - Sininen 2
Halti Laava Panta - Oranssi
Laava Band
14,90 €
kallio by halti staffas cap blue/ kallio by halti sininen lippis
Halti Staffas Lippis - Lippalakki - Harmaa
Staffas Cap
34,90 €
Protection for every winter day

Having a reliable winter jacket is essential. It provides protection and ensures comfort on those days when the weather is less than ideal.

Surprise your loved ones with a thoughtful gift that brings comfort to every winter day. Explore men's winter jackets.

Halti Penger Miesten Talvitakki - Musta
Halti Penger Miesten Talvitakki - Malli
Penger Winter Jacket Men's
279,00 €
Halti Linjat Miesten Parkatakki - Kallio - Malli
Linjat Men's Parka Jacket
Linjat Men's Parka Jacket
259,00 €
Halti Bergga Miesten Parkatakki - Kallio
Bergga Men's DrymaxX Winter Jacket
Bergga Men's DrymaxX Winter Jacket
359,00 €
Halti Chowper Lasketteluanorakki Miesten - Men's Ski Anorak - Beige
Halti Chowper men's ski anorak beige
Chowper Ski Anorak Men's
269,00 €
Wrap up under the Christmas tree

Bring joy with versatile cross-country skiing gear. What could be more delightful for a cross-country skiing enthusiast than new gear! High-quality technical cross-country skiing apparel can be used in a variety of other active outdoor activities during autumn, winter, and spring, making it an almost year-round garment.

Halti Vinha men's hybrid xct jacket green
Vinha Hybrid XCT Jacket Men's
199,00 €
Halti Vinha Miesten Hiihtotakki - Vihreä - Men's XCT Jacket - Green
Halti Vinha men's XCT j jacket green
Vinha XCT Jacket Men's
179,00 €
Find the perfect pair

Winter shoes are super important so his feet don't get cold outdoors. Warm, waterproof shoes with a good outsole are essential in cold conditions. Pick the right grip for outdoor adventures and they can enjoy the winter in the snow, slush, or icy streets!

From our guide, you'll figure out the differences between the different outsoles.

Halti Frost Mid 2 Pitopohjakenkä Miesten
Frost Mid 2 Winter Shoe Men's
Frost Mid 2 Winter Shoe Men's
149,00 €
Halti Kenai Miesten Nastakenkä - Musta
Kenai Mid DX M spike shoe
Kenai Mid DX M spike shoe
139,00 €
When you just can't decide

The Halti Gift Card is a great gift for your loved one, friend, family member, or anyone you want to remember with a holiday present, birthday gift, or just a special surprise! Leave the decision-making to someone else and get the gift delivered right away to your email.

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