Tips & Guides from Halti

We want to help you choose the right products and give tips on what to consider for different activities and needs. Choosing the right clothing and accessories can have a big impact on how you experience different sports and outdoor activities. Hopefully these guides will help you find the correct items from our collections and the Halti products will be part of your adventures around the year! 

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Choosing a cross-country ski set

Skiing is a great sport especially when you got the right gear! Read our tips for the perfect outfit.

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Material guide: merino wool

Merino wool is considered as one of the best materials. Let us tell you why.

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Pick your grip!

Spike shoes of friction sole shoes for the winter? As the winter gets closer many are wondering what type of winter shoes would be best for the icy streets, and cold season.

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Guide to washing sports clothes

Take care of your training gear and enjoy your favorite clothes for a long time!

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Gift Guide

Looking for a gift for someone you love and who loves the outdoors? We've gathered our top picks for the holiday season, shop gifts easily from the Halti online store!

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Take care of your hiking boots

Enjoy your favorite hiking boots for a long time by taking care of the shoes correctly.

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Tips for choosing a Shell Jacket

Comparing wind and waterproof shell jackets? Read our tips for choosing the right one for you!

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Tips for choosing a jacket

We've gathered our best tips to help you choose the perfect jacket for your adventures!

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Choosing a technical base layer

The base layer is an important part of an outfit and we'll help you choose the best products!

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Choosing the right socks

What you wear on your feet matters! Read our guide and choose the right kind of socks.

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Useful tips & maintenance

We've gathered a bunch of useful tips to help you take care of your Halti products.

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Tips for a warm winter outfit

Plan your outfit and enjoy the outdoors even when the weather gets cold!

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