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Forget excuses. Overcome the comfort of your car, sofa, and public transport. Halti Active Sport is your everyday clothing line that fits, protects, and breathes like a dream. Enjoy premium technicality that inspires you to move, whatever the intensity and weather. The right clothes result in better choices.

Challenge yourself and expand your comfort zone. Get out of breath. Ride a bike to work. Go for a walk and enjoy outdoor training. Stay active - rain or shine.

Active Sport

Halti Shelter Stormwall 3L Takki Miesten - Malli
Halti Shelter Miesten Stormwall Kuoritakki - Vihreä
Shelter Stormwall 3L Jacket Men's
239,00 €
Halti Shelter Stormwall 3L Takki Naisten
Shelter Stormwall 3L Kuoritakki Naisten - Vihreä
Shelter Stormwall 3L Shell Jacket Women's
239,00 €
Halti Exhale Stormwall Takki Miesten - Vihreä
Halti Exhale Stormwall Takki Miesten - Vihreä
Exhale Stormwall Jacket Men's
169,00 €
Halti Exhale Stormwall Takki Naisten - Vihreä
Halti Exhale Stormwall Naisten Takki - Vihreä
Exhale Stormwall Jacket Women's
169,00 €
Suunta Beanie
Suunta Beanie
44,90 €
Suunta Band
Suunta Band
39,90 €
Halti Liike Miesten Urheilutakki - Maastopyora - Pyorailytakki - Vihrea
Liike Men's 3L DrymaxX Wind Jacket
Liike Men's 3L DrymaxX Wind Jacket
329,00 €
Halti Suunta Miesten Hybriditakki - Sininen
Halti Suunta men’s hybrid jacket stellar blue
Suunta Men's Hybrid Jacket
189,00 €
Halti Suunta Naisten Trikoot - Musta
Halti Suunta Naisten Trikoot - Takaa
Suunta Women's Hybrid Tights
149,00 €
Halti Naisten Suunta Hybriditakki - Punainen
Halti Suunta Naisten Hybriditakki - Punainen
Suunta Women's Hybrid Jacket
189,00 €

The products in the Active Sport collection are designed for versatile training and sports in any kind of weather. The technical features in this multisport collection consider the needs of different sports. We have paid close attention to the breathability and fit as well as the comfortable feel of the materials to create pieces that will be your favorite training partners. The vents in the designs and the breathability of the materials will keep your body temperature stable during the active training even if the weather conditions around you change. In the collection you’ll find styles with a close fit and light feel, they will ensure you a wide range of motion. As a cherry on top of the Active Sport styles, we’ve added 360° reflective details and large reflective surfaces that will add to your safety on dark nights in the autumn and winter, up here in the North, and wherever they are used.

The Active Sport products can be used in many different sports, for example, biking & mountain biking, running, and trail running, roller skiing, functional training, street workouts, or even parkour.

Designer's note

“Nowadays most of us follow different indicators during the day, every day. We turn to devices to tell us how we feel. Did I sleep well, run too fast, what was my pulse, did I get enough steps, and so on. Instead, we should listen to our bodies more to know how we feel. It’s not all about the distance traveled as much as the adventure and good vibes you feel on your journey. This describes my thoughts during the design process of the Active Sport products. The products should feel like you don’t feel them at all, if they feel like something they should only feel good. You can just focus on your sport or your adventure, whatever your activity may be. Enjoy the journey and the great feeling of moving outdoors!”

says Maaret Pääkkö, Designer of the Active Sport collection

Maaret Pääkkö Halti Active Sport Designer
Halti Active SportHalti Active Sport - Multisport collection