PLAY. Exhale screen, inhale green.


Do you care for the environment? So do we. How about we make a deal: you explore nature responsibly, and we do all we can to offer sustainable clothing? We're on a mission to equip people for a responsible outdoor life, whatever the weather.

halti drymaxx wind and waterproof shell jacket women's
We exist to connect people with nature.

Halti is a Finnish outdoor brand with over 40 years of experience. People are seeking new ways to balance their busy and stressful lives. Halti exists to help people find their own peak moments – to experience the balance, calmness and harmony that come with connecting to the natural world. We exist to help everyone find their own way to enjoy outdoor activities.

LIVE. Because life is out there.


For the complex city life.

Kallio® by Halti®

LOVE. Every step counts.

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