Halti Moodi Panta - Sininen
Halti Moodi Panta - Vihreä
Moodi Band
16,90 €
Halti Moodi Pipo - Musta
Halti Moodi Pipo - Vihreä
Moodi Beanie
29,90 €
Halti Hope Tuubihuivi - Sininen
Halti Hope Tuubihuivi - Oranssi
Tube Scarf Hope
14,90 €
Halti Laava Pipo - Vihreä
Halti Laava Pipo - Sininen Atoll
Laava Beanie
19,90 €
Halti Niva Panta - Harmaa
Halti Niva Panta - Vihreä
Niva Band
14,90 €
Halti Comp Tuubihuivi - Sininen
Halti Comp Tuubihuivi - Keltainen
Tube Scarf Comb
14,90 €
Halti Niva Pipo - Harmaa
Halti Niva Pipo - Vihreä
Niva Beanie
24,90 €
Halti Kallio Blosis Bucket Hattu - Kalastajanhatti - Vihreä
Halti Kallio Blosis Bucket Hattu - Kalastajanhatti - Sininen
Blosis Bucket Hat
29,90 €
Halti Hiker Pipo - Vihreä
Halti Hiker Pipo - Khaki
Hiker Beanie
34,90 €
Halti Suunta Urheilupanta - Musta
Halti Suunta Urheilupanta - Sininen
Suunta Lite Active sport Band
19,90 €
Halti Suunta Kevyt Sportti Pipo - Musta
Halti Suunta Kevyt Sportti Pipo - Sininen
Suunta Lite Active Sport Beanie
29,90 €
Halti Kevo Lierihattu - Beige 1
Kevo Hat
Kevo Hat
49,90 €
Halti Laava Panta - Oranssi
Halti Laava Panta - Vihreä
Laava Band
14,90 €
Halti Kara Panta - Sininen
Halti Kara Panta - Oranssi
Kara Band
19,90 €
Halti Wiseman Miesten Laskettelutakki - Malli
Kallio Beanie
54,90 €
Aava Knit beanie
Aava Knit beanie
34,90 €
Latu Beanie
Latu Beanie
29,90 €
Nuppu Beanie
Nuppu Beanie
29,90 €
Halti Pallas Pipo - Sininen
Halti Pallas Pipo - Purppura
Pallas Beanie
34,90 €
Halti Kallio Linjat Pipo - Harmaa
Halti Kallio Linjat Pipo
Linjat Beanie
39,90 €

Find in Halti's collection beanies for free time, cross country skiing and alpine skiing. We have technical and breathable beanies for outdoor training and xc skiing, and thinner beanies that can be used under the skiing helmet.


Our delivery time depends on the region. The standard delivery time in Europe is 7-14 working days. All Halti orders are shipped from our warehouse in Finland. Our logistics partner for international orders from is Xtreme Global.

You have the right to return your order within 28 days of ordering. We will refund the order once the products are returned to our warehouse and the refund may take up to 21 days. Read the full instructions for returns here.

Halt's customer service helps our customers with all kinds issues with of orders, deliveries, and products on weekdays between 9:00 and 15:00 (UTC+3). You can contact us by email at 

Halti is a Finnish outdoor brand with over 40 years of experience. People are seeking new ways to balance their busy and stressful lives. Halti exists to help people find their own peak moments – to experience the balance, calmness, and harmony that come with connecting to the natural world. We exist to help everyone find their own way to enjoy outdoor activities. Read more about Halti here.