DrymaxX® - waterproof, windproof, breathable, tested.

Looking for gear that will protect you from rain, wind and whatever the sky throws at you? Our DrymaxX® styles are here to save the day. Explore our waterproof and windproof outdoor jackets, pants and shoes today - we'll keep you covered so you can keep going in any weather.

Halti DrymaxX®-products

Halti Juonto DrymaxX Shell Jacket Men's / Juonto DrymaxX Kuoritakki Miesten
Juonto DrymaxX Shell Jacket Men's
279,00 €
Halti Halti Biegga Neve Miesten Kuoritakki - Malli
Halti Biegga Neve Miesten Kuoritakki - Sininen
Biegga Neve DrymaxX Shell Jacket Men's
249,00 €
Halti Kaarna Miesten Kuoritakki - Beige
Kaarna Men's DX 3L Shell Jacket
359,00 €
Halti Pallas Low 2 Miesten Kengät - Vihreä
Halti Pallas Low 2 Miesten Kengät
Pallas Low 2 DrymaxX Hybrid Sneaker Men's
149,00 €
Halti Liike Miesten Urheilutakki - Maastopyora - Pyorailytakki - Vihrea
Liike Men's 3L DrymaxX Wind Jacket
Liike Men's 3L DrymaxX Wind Jacket
329,00 €
halti hiker men's waterproof outoor jacket brown / halti hiker miesten vedenkestävä takki ruskea
halti hiker men's drymaxx jacket brown / halti hiker miesten ulkoilutakki ruskea
Hiker II DrymaxX Shell Jacket Men's
229,00 €
Hiker II DrymaxX Shell Pants Men's
Hiker II DrymaxX Shell Pants Men's
159,00 €
Halti Tokoi Miesten Parkatakki - Kallio - Musta - Malli 2
Tokoi Men's DrymaxX Parka Jacket
279,00 €
Halti Hiker Kuru Hiking Shoes / Hiker Kuru Vaelluskengät
Hiker Kuru DrymaxX Outdoor Shoe Men's
189,00 €
Halti Kassou Miesten DrymaxX Takki - Men's DrymaxX Jacket
Kassou DrymaxX Jacket Mens / Kassou DrymaxX Takki Miesten
Kassou DrymaxX Jacket Men's
179,00 €
Halti Olhava men's DrymaxX parka beige
Olhava DrymaxX Parka Men's
269,00 €
Halti Frost Mid 2 Pitopohjakenkä Miesten
Frost Mid 2 Winter Shoe Men's
Frost Mid 2 Winter Shoe Men's
149,00 €
Halti Planker Miesten Laskettelutakki - Keltainen - Men's Ski Jacket - Yellow
Halti Planker Miesten Laskettelutakki - Keltainen - Men's Ski Jacket
Planker DrymaxX Ski Jacket Men's
349,00 €

Halti's DrymaxX® brand is designed to perform in extreme conditions. It provides protection and comfort in wind, rain, and snow. A garment made from DrymaxX® fabric with the right structural features is guaranteed to perform. If it is raining or snowing, the product has to be waterproof. And the harder the exercise you are doing, the more important breathability becomes. We have four different categories of use for our DrymaxX® products to help you find the perfect product for you.

DrymaxX® Ultimate

When you are in extreme conditions in the wild, we recommend that you use products from the Ultimate range. Ultimate products are designed for extreme conditions and have excellent waterproof and breathability ratings (at least 15,000 mm and 15,000 g/m²/day). Products from the Ultimate range are particularly suitable for sports that require high performance, regardless of the conditions. DrymaxX® Ultimate products have taped seams for complete waterproofing.

DrymaxX® All Weather

For an active exercise in all weathers, we recommend products from the DrymaxX® All-Weather range. They are suitable for active exercise in rainy weather and for high-performance activities. An excellent choice for all outdoor and winter sports. The material has excellent waterproof (at least 10,000 mm) and breathability (at least 10,000 g/m²/day) ratings, keeping you perfectly dry. DrymaxX® All-Weather products have taped seams for complete waterproofing.

DrymaxX® Classic

When you need a product for everyday light and moderate exercise in normal weather conditions, the Classic range is perfect for you. People often choose Classic products when they are picking berries and mushrooms, as well as for everyday city wear and outdoor exercise. Their waterproof ratings are at least 5,000 mm and breathability at least 5,000 g/m²/day. Taped seams ensure that DrymaxX® Classic products are waterproof.

DrymaxX® Lite DrymaxX®

Lite products are suitable for relaxed leisure time and everyday city wear. They are “casual” products made from the familiar water- and windproof, but breathable DrymaxX® material. DrymaxX® Lite products are not fully waterproof, because the seams are either partly taped or not taped. Products from the Lite range protect you against the wind, light rain, and sleet.

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      DrymaxX® is Halti's own membrane brand which is used in waterproof and windproof outdoor clothing, shoes and selected accessories such as gloves.

      Shop high-quality, waterproof outdoor jackets, outdoor pants and outdoor shoes from the Halti online store.

      The waterproof products in Halti's collection have the DrymaxX® brand in the product title and in the product description. In some cases this might be shortened ''DX'' but ithas the same meaning.

      From each product page, you can find the specific material information and features, including waterproofnes and breathability values. In our blog you can also fin more information about DrymaxX® in general.