Halti DrymaxX - Waterproof, windproof, breathable outdoor clothing and shoes.

DrymaxX® - waterproof, windproof, breathable, tested.

At Halti, we want to bring people closer to nature - whatever the weather and even in challenging conditions. Halti's DrymaxX® products are designed to perform in varying weather conditions and protect against even the heaviest rain, and wind. The high-quality DrymaxX® material and carefully thought-out details and structures of the products guarantee the functionality of waterproof and windproof outdoor jackets, pants, shoes, and accessories like gloves.

DrymaxX® is a Finnish, Halti's own, membrane brand, which Halti introduced to the market already in 1995. Over the years, our collections have included a variety of DrymaxX® products for everyday casual outdoor activities as well as demanding competitive sports such as
skiing and downhill skiing, and everything in between. We also use DrymaxX® material in combination with different materials, such as X-Stretch fabrics, and this way we create e.g., well-fitting, and water-repellent hybrid products that are very comfortable to wear and versatile outdoor clothing.

What is the structure of the DrymaxX® products like?

DrymaxX® is a waterproof, windproof, and breathable material that is suitable for use even in harsh weather conditions. The features of the material are determined by the classification of the DrymaxX® membrane, in our collection you can find five different DrymaxX® levels, from which you can find suitable products for different conditions and activities.

The DrymaxX® membrane is always combined with the outer fabric and/or lining of the garment depending on the purpose of use. DrymaxX® products are designed and manufactured in a way that prevents moisture from entering the product and is considered in all their structures. All seams are protected with taped seams unless otherwise stated in the product description. The embroidery and tag attachments are taped from the inside of the product. The pocket structures, zippers, and ventilation openings are designed so that moisture does not enter the internal structures of the product.

In Halti's collection, you can find waterproof and windproof DrymaxX® products in footwear and gloves in addition to clothing.

Halti’s different DrymaxX® classifications
  • DrymaxX® Nano – Breathability for varying conditions

For wet and cool conditions as well as for intense
sports training. Made with special microporous membrane technology.

  • DrymaxX® Ultimate – The only right option for extreme conditions

Designed for use that requires top-level performance regardless of the conditions.

  • DrymaxX® All Weather - Focus on performance, not conditions

Perfect for all outdoor and winter sports where the conditions have tough demands for your clothes.

  • DrymaxX® Classic - Waterproof comfort

An excellent and comfortable option for light exercise in both dry weather and rain.

  • DrymaxX® Lite - The ideal combination against wind, sleet, and drizzle

Products that combine the familiar waterproof and windproof DrymaxX membrane and partially taped or completely un-taped seam structures.

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Juonto DrymaxX Shell Jacket Women's
279,00 €
Halti Juonto Naisten Kuorihousut - Musta
Halti Juonto Naisten Kuorihousut - Lahje vetoketju
Juonto Women's Shell Pants
199,00 €
Halti Juonto DrymaxX Shell Jacket Men's / Juonto DrymaxX Kuoritakki Miesten
Juonto DrymaxX Shell Jacket Men's
279,00 €