Tips for choosing a jacket

Halti Jacket

There are many factors to consider when choosing a jacket, the most important is the purpose of use. Where will you use it and what features do you need? In addition to the key features depending on purpose of use the personal preferences on materials, style and colors are important in choosing the jacket that will look and feel good. Often, we want a jacket that can be used in different weather conditions, during various activities and even during different seasons of the year. For example, shell jackets are great options that can be used all year round.

Sustainable and ecological values are important for consumers when deciding what to purchase and from where. All of Halti operations are based on respect for nature and people and we offer only products that have been made in a sustainable way.



Halti DrymaxX

Halti DrymaxX® Shell Jackets

In the Halti Shell jackets we use the DrymaxX® membrane, which is our own water and windproof, breathable special membrane. There are four different versions of the membrane and the are designed for products depending on the purpose of use.

DrymaxX® Ultimate
– For extreme conditions

DrymaxX® All Weather – Focus on performance, not weather conditions

DrymaxX® Classic – Waterproof and comfortable

DrymaxX® Lite – Everyday use

In the DrymaxX® Lite jackets only the main seams are taped. This makes the jackets very well water repellent but not 100% waterproof. DrymaxX® Classic, All Weather and Ultimate jackets are all 100% waterproof. Read more about the DrymaxX® membrane here!

What is a shell jacket? Compared to traditional rain coats, shell jackets are more breathable and this makes them more comfortable during different activities and sports even during poor weather. However it is clear that while talking about a waterproof product with a membrane the breathability is not as high as in products without a membrane. For this reason the waterproof DrymaxX® products are designed especially for activities in windy, snowy and rainy weather conditions; sports, hiking, camping and other outdoor activities. The level of breathability can be increased with ventilations. A shell jacket is a favorite options for everyday use for many. A cold wind or sudden rain won’t bother when you’re wearing a shell jacket with the correct features.

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