halti nordic ski clothes for women / purple ski clothes women'shalti nordic ski clothes for women / purple ski clothes women's



Women's cross-country ski pants

Halti Vinha Naisten Hiihtohousut - Women's XCT Pants
Halti Vinha Naisten Hiihtohousut - Women's XCT Pants - Back
Vinha XCT Pants Women's
129,00 €
Halti Hanki women's plus size warm hybrid pants in beige
Halti Hanki women's plus size warm hybrid pants in beige
Hanki Plus XCT Pants Women's
149,00 €
Hanki Warm Hybrid Shorts Women's
Hanki Warm Hybrid Shorts Women's
119,00 €
Halti Hanki women's padded xct skirt beige - Halti Hanki Toppahame Naisten - Beige
Hanki Warm Hybrid Skirt Women's
109,00 €
Tripla II Naisten Hiihtohousut - Sininen
Halti Tripla Naisten Hiihtohousut ja Takki - Sininen
Tripla II Women's XCT Pants
149,00 €
Momentum Women's XCT Pants
Momentum Women's XCT Pants
Regular price 169,00 € Sale price 84,50 €
Falun Women's XCT softshell pants
Falun Women's XCT softshell pants
Regular price 129,00 € Sale price 64,50 €
Free Recy Women's Seamless Base Layer Pants
Free Recy Women's Seamless Base Layer Pants
39,90 €
Ultra Cool Mesh Women's Base Layer Pants
Ultra Cool Mesh Women's Base Layer Pants
35,94 €

Women's cross-country ski pants from Halti are made for active skiing and training. Our women's Nordic ski pants give you protection against the wind and breathability when training.

Combine women's cross country ski pants with a women's cross country ski jacket and enjoy your ski trip in a comfortable outfit. See also women's cross-country ski clothing and women's pants. Nordic Ski clothes also available in Plus Sizes.

FAQs about Halti's women's Nordic ski collection

The most important thing when choosing cross-country ski clothes is that the clothes are comfortable. For this, it is good to consider, for example, in what kind of weather conditions and at what kind of heart rate you will move. We recommend warmer ski clothes for freezing temperatures or for skiing at a slower pace. On the other hand, lighter ski jackets and pants are sufficient for milder weather or for moving with a higher heart rate.

It's good to note that in order for cross-country ski clothing to work, it needs the right kind of base layers underneath. These include technical Active Dry base layers and merino wool base layers made from natural materials.

Also, don't forget accessories suitable for skiing.

Read our guide on choosing the right outfit for cross-country skiing.

We use a lot of weatherproof materials in Halti's cross-country ski clothes, but they can't be called waterproof because they're not completely made from the same weatherproof fabric. Nordic ski clothing is very often a combination of several materials, some of which are meant to protect the skier from wind, water, and snow, while others are meant to let the heat produced by the body out.

Find the breathability and waterproof values ​​of the cross-country ski clothes in the material information of each product.

Choose the right clothing for your cross-country/Nordic ski needs based on the intensity of the workout and the weather conditions. It is important that you are able to move in a comfortable way and that you will stay warm. For active workouts and active skiing we recommend choosing breathable materials. Read the guide to choosing cross-country ski clothing.

Yes, from Halti you can find selected styles for cross-country skiing in Plus Sizes. Explore the Plus Size Nordic ski clothing.

Yes! As a general rule, cross-country ski clothes are always very windproof. Halti's cross-country ski clothes are made with windproof Stormwall® material, which is also often waterproof at the same time.

However, it should be noted that wind protection might not absolute be in all parts of the clothes, because for the best fit and a comfortable feel different materials are used in cross-country ski clothing.

Yes, of course! Cross-country ski clothes are particularly versatile and can be used not only for skiing but also for jogging or any other active outdoor activities. Nordic ski clothes are a perfect combination of wind and waterproof and breathable materials.

From Halti's cross-country ski collection you will find clothing for women, men, and kids. Explore the cross-country ski jackets, pants, and accessories. Selected cross-country ski styles are also available for women in Plus Sizes.

Yes, the Isku III Nordic ski jacket, Olas XC jacket and the Routa ski anorak have a fixed hood.

The cut of Nordic/cross-country ski clothes designed for active and fitness skiing is more narrow/tight so that wind resistance is as small as possible and movement is thus smoother.

Our delivery time depends on the region. The standard delivery time in Europe is 7-14 working days. All Halti orders are shipped from our warehouse in Finland. Our logistics partner for international orders from halti.com is Xtreme Global.

You have the right to return your order within 28 days of ordering. We will refund the order once the products are returned to our warehouse and the refund may take up to 21 days. Read the full instructions for returns here.

Halt's customer service helps our customers with all kinds issues with of orders, deliveries, and products on weekdays between 9:00 and 15:00 (UTC+3). You can contact us by email at info@halti.fi 

halti nordic ski clothes for women / purple ski clothes women's

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