Roosa Huhtikorpi, climber

December 08, 2017

Roosa Huhtikorpi, climber

Roosa Huhtikorpi started climbing as a hobby at the age of six. When the energetic Finnish climbing talent isn’t bouldering in her hometown Helsinki, she is taking on new challenges abroad. Her favorite climbing spots include Ceuse, France, Switzerland and the Kalymnos island in Greece. More than competing, she loves to challenge herself.

When training, Roosa wears the Halti Outdoor collection and its technical jackets, tops, shoes and accessories.

Roosa’s top 3 favorite Halti products:

1. Allikko jacket

”Great for warming up. Comfortable and cozy, this jacket is my go-to piece for climbing and leisure.”

2. Vaspi jacket

”My ultimate favorite rain jacket. I love the red color way.”

3. Long sleeve Pinku top

”Excellent piece for bouldering. I have it in multiple colors.”

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