Anne Kyllönen, X-country skier

Anne Kyllönen, X-country skier

Anne Kyllönen is one of the stars in Finnish cross-country skiing. Originally from the region of Kainuu, she started skiing at a very young age and has had a successful career both in Finland and abroad. Anne won the Olympic silver medal in the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics in the women’s cross-country relay and finished 6th place in Tour de Ski 2015. Anne has been crowned as Finnish champion several times.

For Anne, life and career as a professional athlete have been full of excitement:

”Without skiing, I would have never seen the places, met the people and had the experiences that I have. All the unforgettable moments continue to drive me in my career as a professional skier.”

The collaboration between Anne and Halti started back in 2010. Whether she’s working out, competing or just relaxing, Anne wears the Halti collection all year round.

For the ever-changing weather conditions on the trail she opts for Halti ski and rain gear:

”The high quality and fit of Halti clothing are perfect for my needs.” 

Anne's favorite jacket is versatile down jacket Huippu because of the colors, very low weight and outstanding compressibility and warmth.

”I never travel without my Halti down jacket.”