Our most sustainable design: The Halti Next Generation jacket

Our most sustainable design: The Halti Next Generation jacket

This spring, we have taken the next step for sustainability as we proudly released the most sustainable product of our range to date: the 100% recyclable and repairable Halti Next Generation shell jacket. It is a waterproof, windproof ,and breathable hiking jacket which can easily be taken along to the city streets as well. The key to it is that it is a mono-material product, which means that all of its fabrics and accessories are made of one single material, so there’s no need for splitting it apart when recycling. This is quite rear for outdoor jackets as normally they consist of many different technical materials and accessories. But we did not stop there.

Our ”Born to be recycled” design philosophy takes into account the entire life cycle of the jacket. We have used a lot of recycled material in making the product. We have made it as easy as possible to fix: the number of easily damaged details has been minimized and the zipper and buttons are easy to replace. We have also thought of the design and colors; they need to be simple so that it makes you want to wear it for a long time. We’ve also put all the relevant data user might need straight into the jacket, and not to the hangtags which get easily thrown away. We believe this makes recycling the jacket to another person easier when useful information is preserved in the jacket.  

We want to help all outdoor-lovers to recycle so when a Next Generation jacket reaches the end of its lifecycle, all be it, years and years from now, it can be brought to a Halti store in Finland and we promise to have it recycled. 

We celebrated a win of the prestigious ISPO Outstanding Outdoor award in summer 2019 and since then this product has raised a lot of interest globally. The Halti Next Generation jacket is for people who love nature, and who want to do their part in preserving it for the future generations.

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