Halti x Miele care instructions for wool clothes

Guide: Wash & Care instructions for wool clothes


For technical base and mid layers as well as technical shirts, with wool or merino wool material, we recommend airing out well after each use if sweating. This way, the sweat is dried from the product - and the natural antibacterial property of the wool gets to work efficiently.

The wool material used in sportswear has been treated and spun so that washing is possible. We recommend using a washing program designed for woolen clothes, where the water level is higher, the washing rhythm is gentler, and the spin speed is set to slower. In this way, mechanical consumption is as low as possible.

All Miele washing machines have a gentle washing program designed for wool. We also recommend using a detergent designed for woolen clothes. Miele's WoolCare delicate detergent gently cleans woolen clothes and other fine laundry. In addition, the wheat protein it contains protects the wool from felting during washing.


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By following the instructions on the washing label of the product and these tips you’ll get the best result, and you can enjoy your favorite wool clothes for a long time!

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