What does a FIS Race Director actually do?

FIS Markus Mayer

Pre-race preparations, tight scheduling and sometimes making difficult decisions

Race Director, Alpine skiing women’s technical events

*Name: Markus Mayer

*Nationality: Austrian

How long have you worked in your position and at the FIS?

I have worked as a race director for the FIS since 2007, so already 12 years. I currently work as a race director for women’s technical events in Alpine skiing. This means I have visited Finland and the Alpine World Cup in Levi many times. As a race director I also sometimes make the snow control visits and decisions if they are needed in some event locations.

Markus, tell us about your race day?

I am mostly responsible for all pre-race preparations concerning the sport on the hill itself.

Being an assistant for the Chief Race Director means that I have to deliver a ready slope and a functional structure of the course crew before the Chief Race Director arrives on site.

During the race days, I have a lot of stuff to organize and it all aims in getting everything ready in time. I am also a jury member which means that I have to also take responsibility for the race itself that everything goes smoothly and as planned.

What is the most rememberable moment or incident that has happened in your career?

There are so many moments in my long career that it’s impossible to pick one! But when making the snow control decisions I have to say that it always feels very bad to cancel events due to the lack of snow! I remember very clearly the cancellations in Levi, Courchevel, Zagreb – these are definitely not the high lights of my career but something that I will never forget.

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