Opening of New Basecamp at Herttoniemi Location Evokes Nostalgia

Opening of New Basecamp at Herttoniemi Location Evokes Nostalgia
The new retail environment will be an embodiment of the brand’s heritage in a physical location.

Halti began 45 years ago to create innovative products so people could connect with the outdoors more easily: the legendary lightweight aluminium-frame backpacks, fiber-filled sleeping bags and nylon tents challenged conventional thinking and helped end damp and uncomfortable mornings for campers. And the high-tech DrymaxX fabric continues to keep countless people dry and comfortable whatever the conditions.

“Halti is one of the few companies that has equipped expeditions to all of “The Three Poles” – the North Pole, the South Pole and Mount Everest. And we’re continuing this heritage by opening of a basecamp in the Herttoniemi store”, says Aki Kuusilehto, CEO at Halti.

Through the refreshed retail environment, the brand will transform its existing location partly into a basecamp, aiming to create a stronger connection with consumers and evolve the Halti retail environment to a space that feels more like the brand. The environment is purposefully designed for longevity and to avoid the need for wasteful refurbishing throughout the years.

“Hiking and outdoor activities are booming and as more and more people are showing interest in hiking and spending a night outdoors, our store will continue to offer a convenient and seamless shopping experience that highlights our heritage and with the guidance of our experts, allows consumers to more deeply connect with the brand as they prepare for their own adventures, wherever it may be”, says Aki Kuusilehto, CEO of Halti.

The Herttoniemi store is after the Vantaa store the second of planned updates to the brand’s locations this year. The basecamp at Herttoniemi store will feature the whole range of backpacks, sleeping bags and mattresses, tents, accessories and spare parts.

The Halti Herttoniemi Basecamp will open Friday, May 7 at 10 a.m. at Hitsaajankatu 14, Helsinki and to mark the opening and the heritage of Halti, the 100 first visitors will receive a classic Halti waist bag made for the first time in 1980, now updated with sustainable materials. In addition, everybody visiting the store during the month of May will have a chance to win a hiking backpack of their choice. The winner of the backpack will be announced on May 31, 2021.