Halti women's outdoor clothing - Marjaana LehtinenHalti women's outdoor clothing - Marjaana Lehtinen

Women's Plus Size collection

Plus Size outdoor fashion

Our aim is to bring people closer to nature and to offer the joy of the outdoors to different types of users. We are pleased to have been able to expand the Halti women's collection with plus sizing that takes into account the needs of the curvy outdoor enthusiast. The design is based on offering the most functional garments possible, allowing the user to give her full attention to movement and the surrounding nature.

Breathe the outdoors.

What does plus sizing mean?

The Halti plus sizing is a special sizing that takes into account the different body shapes of women.

Compared to a regular fit, the plus-size has been designed to bring more room to the bust, waist and hips without adding length. In this way, a good fit is achieved without the garment being otherwise too large. The lengths of the jacket's hem, sleeves and pant cuffs remain more appropriate.

It is important to note that the Halt plus size is a special sizing and does not simply refer to a larger size of the product. By this we mean that users of all sizes may need extra space, for example at the bust.

The Halti women's plus collection is available from size 38+ up to size 50+.

Halti women's Plus size outdoor clothing. Huippu Re Down insulation jacket
Inspired by nature

Halti's product design is guided by inspiration from nature. The design language is Scandinavian and timeless - without compromising on functionality.

In addition to neutral and natural colors, the range also includes sporty, vibrant colors. The bright colors are both nice-looking and safe at the same time.

Current trends and feedback from our customers also guide our product design. For example, in outdoor trousers, a slimmer fit is currently popular.

Elastic materials are ideal for achieving a good fit.

Product design with passion and heart

Our expertise in designing and manufacturing plus-size outdoor clothing comes from our Raiski brand. Halti's other brand, Raiski, was most recently known for its plus-size outdoor and leisure clothing.

The solid expertise left by Raiski continues today under the Halti brand, and we continue to design plus-size outdoor clothing with passion and heart.

Raiski's much-loved Edlev Plus stretch pants and Pine Plus DrymaxX shell pants are now part of the Halti plus size collection!

Halti women's outdoor clothing - Marjaana Lehtinen

What does plus sizing mean?

Choosing the right size, especially in an online shopping environment, can understandably be a challenge, but here are a few tips we hope will make it easier.

Our first recommendation is to use the SizeMe sizing tool, which recommends a size based on your own measurements. The service takes into account the required fit. If necessary, you can also find the exact measurements of each plus-size garment. These measurements can be compared with an existing same-like garment.

As a rough rule of thumb, a plus-size item is 1.5 sizes larger than the corresponding normal-size item. For example, if you are a user who is usually a size 40, but the chest area is often too small in a regular size product, you should consider a plus-size product in size 38+ or 40+.

The size of your outdoor clothing is also influenced by how you want to be able to wear it. For example, a shell jacket can be worn all year round by adding a down jacket underneath. In this case you will need more space under the shell jacket. On the other hand, if you don't plan to wear a shell jacket when layering, a smaller size may work well. However, don't choose too small size to keep your movement effortless. Air also traps heat, so a garment that is too small may make it easier to feel cold.

Halti Pallas women's plus size outdoor jacket
Pallas II Plus X-stretch jacket

"Nice and lightweight jacket. Plus size is good for my body shape, it's great that Halti also offers plus size jackets. Can also fit a warmer sweater underneath if needed. And a positive surprise was as also in the winter model that even though it is plus size so the sleeves are not extra long. Usually I always have to turn the sleeves. I also ordered the pants at the same time, but they are normal size. I got a nice and stylish ensemble. Nice pockets in the jacket and also in the pants."

- Halti customer

Selection of favorites

Halti's women's plus collection offers versatile and functional outdoor clothing all year round - lightweight and breathable products for warm spring and summer hikes, wind and waterproof products for autumn storms, and ski and downhill clothing for winter adventures.

Our popular Pallas collection is also a delight in plus sizes. Pallas products are known for their comfortable X-stretch material, which is extremely flexible, lightweight and breathable. Thanks to their elasticity, the Pallas products also fit a wide range of body shapes. Our range also includes women's plus-size shorts and capri pants.

Check out our plus size jackets and pants for women and order yours! Pair your new outdoor set with outdoor shoes and accessories.

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Halti Pallas Evo X-Stretch Jacket Plus Women's / Halti Pallas Evo X-stretch Takki Plus Naisten
Pallas Evo X-stretch Jacket Plus Women's
Pallas Evo X-stretch Jacket Plus Women's
159,00 €
Halti Reissu Naisten Plus Shortsihame - Golf shortsit - Hame - Beige
Halti Reissu Naisten Plus Shortsihame - Golf shortsit - Hame - Beige - Takaa
Reissu Plus Women's skort
69,90 €
Pallas Plus Women's X-stretch Lite Jacket
Pallas Plus Women's X-stretch Lite Jacket
139,00 €
Halti Reissu Naisten Plus Shortsit - Golf Shortsit - Beige
Halti Reissu Naisten Plus Shortsit - Golf Shortsit - Punainen
Reissu Plus Women's Stretch Shorts
69,90 €