halti pallas breathable outdoor clothing for men and women


Dirt trails, paved sidewalks, or a bit of both

From morning hikes to afternoon coffee dates to evening hangouts around the campfire. Find the right style and comfort for your day, no matter where it takes you. Inspired by our Think Ahead sustainability programme, this series features bluesign®-certified and partly recycled materials.


Halti Pallas Miesten Xstretch Takki - Men's Xstretch Jacket

Pallas Evo X-stretch Jacket

The Pallas Evo X-stretch jacket has been meticulously designed to meet the needs of today's outdoor enthusiasts. With its revamped, sleeker cut, it seamlessly blends outstanding technical features with uncompromising style, making it the perfect companion for hiking and active everyday life.


Halti Pallas Evo Naisten Xstretch Liivi - Women's Xstretch Vest

Pallas Evo X-stretch Vest

The Pallas Evo vest is the ideal solution for those seeking lightweight protection during outdoor activities. Perfect for summer days when a jacket feels too heavy, yet a shirt alone is insufficient. Tailored to meet the demands of contemporary outdoor enthusiasts, its comfort and stylish design make it equally suitable for nature trails and urban settings.


Halti Pallas Naisten X-Stretch Ulkoilutakki - Malli - Sininen

Pallas II X-Stretch Jacket

The latest version of our famous outdoor Pallas jacket. With its two X-Stretch materials, it’s superbly breathable and wind-resistant.

Get even more adaptability with an adjustable hood. And durable ripstop shoulders are great for under backpacks.

Top it all off with elastic cuffs and reflective detailing.


Halti - Pallas X-Stretch Vest

Pallas X-Stretch Vest

Need a light vest for summer? This one is made for warm days and chilly nights. With X-Stretch material, it’s wind resistant but breathable enough to keep you cool.

Tailored at the waist with a one-hand drawstring in the bottom hem for easy silhouette adjustments.

Plus reflective detailing ensures your style will be seen by all.


Pallas Lite X-Stretch Jacket

Our lightweight version of the Pallas jacket. This hooded windbreaker easily packs away into its own pocket. The perfect layer to reach for when you’re on the go.

This jacket performs best in moderate weather and comes in vibrant colors for spring and summer. A UPF 40 rating means it can stand up to the sun no problem.


Halti - women's lightweight Pallas Jogger Lite jacket

Pallas Jogger Lite Jacket

For a more casual vibe. This youthful, sporty look is backed by technical materials. A flexible, breathable option for the city or the great outdoors.

A hood and PFC-free water-repellent treatment keep precipitation at bay. A UPF 50+ rating keeps you safe during the day. Reflective detailing means more visibility at night, too.


Halti Pallas Warm outdoor jackets for men and women

Pallas Warm X-Stretch Jacket

This jacket is a warmer version of the Pallas X-stretch jacket. It blends two distinct X-stretch materials known for their flexibility, windproofness, moisture resistance, and high breathability. The soft-brushed interior provides added warmth. This comfortable outdoor jacket is perfect for climate-conscious outdoor lovers: it has surplus material from textile industry and bluesign® certified fabric.


Pallas III Warm Hybrid Jacket

Warm, Hybrid – the name says it all. "Hybrid" stands for a combination: Waterproof DrymaxX® in the hood, front, and shoulders where the rain hits first - and breathable, flexible stretch material everywhere else where you need it the most. "Warm" stands for a soft-brushed interior for added warmth. And "III" means the latest and improved version of all time. Quite a handy jacket for various outdoor activities in colder weather, don't you think?"


Halti Pallas Minimal women's warm outdoor jacket

Pallas Minimal Warm Jacket

With a relaxed and timeless fit and a minimalistic design, this is a modern outdoor jacket that performs exceptionally well in hiking, trekking, and everyday use. With its longer design, the jacket offers extra protection, and the side zips make it easy to use. The hood and cuffs are also adjustable, allowing you to customize the jacket to suit your needs. The PFC-free WR-treatment ensures water resistance when the weather conditions vary.

Halti Pallas Minimal Thermal Anorakki Naisten

Pallas Minimal Thermal Anorak

A new, cute, and cozy anorak joined
our Pallas series. It’s great for early autumn outdoor activities and works as a layer when the days get colder. Minimal, in this case, means less all sorts of details, less easily breakable parts, less everything. But - more warmth, fluffy lightness and modern fit. You will look beautiful in this.



Halti Pallas Evo Naisten Xstretch Housut - Women's Xstretch Pants

Pallas Evo X-stretch Pants

The Pallas Evo pants are tailored to cater to the needs of modern consumers with their premium materials, meticulous attention to detail, and timeless color choices. With a special focus on waist fit, these pants are specifically designed for hiking and other outdoor activities, while also being versatile for everyday wear.


Halti - Pallas X-Stretch Pants. Comfortable outdoor pants for women and men.

Pallas II X-Stretch Pants

From spring to autumn, these are the perfect comfy outdoor pants. Reinforced with durable Cordura and flexible X-Stretch, they’re both breathable and easy to move in.

The elastic waist features belt loops for a precise fit. And plenty of pockets keep your belongings close to hand. Plus, reflective detailing means good visibility at night.


Halti - women's Pallas trekking tights

Pallas II Trekking Tights

Feeling a more fitted look? Our updated trekking tights are now high waisted with two handy pockets. The elastic waistband helps with that perfect fit.

Two different soft X-stretch fabrics provide premium flexibility and breathability. And a UPF 30 rating means you get extra protection outdoors.


Halti - Pallas Jogger Lite pants

Pallas Jogger Lite Pants

How about a casual hike? Or a coffee run? A shaped knee and elastic cuff make for a relaxed fit that's expertly paired with technical material for joggers that go from the trails to the streets no problem.

X-Stretch provides comfort and a PFC-free water-repellent treatment holds off rain. A zippered thigh pocket is the perfect place to stash essentials.


Halti Pallas Naisten X-stretch Lite Ulkoiluhousut - Tummansininen  - Malli

Pallas X-Stretch Lite Pants

These lightweight pants are the ideal choice for warmer days.

With strategically placed Quick Dry material, they provide optimal moisture management no matter the temp. Add reinforced stretch material at the back and knees for maximum comfort, too.

The elastic waistband with belt loops means the fit is always just right.


Halti Pallas Miesten Zip-Off Ulkoiluhousut - Malli - Sininen

Pallas X-Stretch Lite Zip-Off Pants

Zip offs for when the weather can't make up its mind. Perfect for warmer hikes, treks, and camping. Quick Dry material helps your sweat evaporate efficiently. Plus, strategic stretch gives you a full range of motion

Find your perfect fit with the elastic waistband and belt loops. A tapered leg (when the legs are on) makes for a sleek look.


Pallas X-stretch Lite Capri pants

The Pallas Lite capris are lightweight, well-fitted, and stretchable - a perfect match for outdoor activities, especially on those warm and sunny summer days.

The lightweight and breathable Active Dry material transfers moisture actively away from your skin. In the back, the shorts have strong and more durable X-stretch material.


Pallas X-Stretch Lite Shorts

Feeling the heat? How about a shorter version of our Pallas pants? Ideal for summer hikes, treks, and cycling. Or just chilling out.

Strategically placed moisture-wicking Quick Dry material meets reinforced stretch at the back for added comfort.

No shortage of storage here. Zippered pockets keep your stuff safe on the go.


Pallas Lite X-Stretch Skort

Want to change up your silhouette? We’ve got just the thing. A fitted skirt with lightweight shorts so you're covered for camping or a day on the town.

Quick Dry material works with X-Stretch and a slit in the back hem for comfort and flexibility. It slides on with ease thanks to the elastic waistband. And a zipper and snap buttons make for quick adjustments.


Halti Pallas Minimal women's warm stretchy outdoor pants

Pallas Minimal Warm pants

Urban streets or a hike? You don't have to change your pants if you haven't decided yet. These timeless and minimalist pants include only the most important details that work for both occasions. Constructed from strong, dense material with a brushed lining for warmth, they feature a high waist and shaped knees for an optimal fit. Additionally, multiple zippered pockets allow you to carry your essentials along your journey.

Made from partly recycled materials and treated with PFC-free water resistance, these pants minimize their impact on the environment.


Pallas III Warm X-stretch Pants

These pants are a warmer version of the well-known Pallas X-stretch pants. Just as comfy and easy to move in, but warmer to handle the colder days of Autumn to Spring. Crafted with X-stretch and ripstop material, and a brushed-back fabric on the inside, these make the only multifunctional outdoor pants you’ll need. They also feature reflective prints, multiple zippered pockets, and belt loops for practicality and convenience.


Pallas Low 2 Hybrid Sneakers

The latest iteration of Pallas DrymaxX features an upgraded design with a recycled mesh upper and a Michelin Off-road sole. Equipped with a DrymaxX membrane and sock construction, these shoes offer complete waterproofing, making them an excellent option for extended walks in the woods or other outdoor activities.

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