Halti x Miele - Guide to taking care of down jackets and clothes

Guide: Wash & Care instructions for down clothes


For clothes made with down, it’s important to make sure the garment or item dries properly, after washing but also if it gets wet due to rain or other wet conditions, preferably in a dryer.


Wash down items separately, do not stuff the washing machine too full. If possible, use the washing program specifically for down items – they keep the water level high during the wash.

Use liquid washing detergent. There are also detergents available specifically recommended for down products. Powder detergent may get lumpy during the wash and that is why it’s not recommended for down clothing or items.

Don’t use too much detergent. Only a teaspoon is enough for washing one load, or you can use the automatic feature to dose the amount of detergent.

An extra rinse is recommended especially if using other than down detergents. In this way all
the residues from detergents are rinsed and the down can work properly.

Remember to spin well after washing.


Dry the down garments preferably in a dryer but remember to check from the washing label that it is allowed. If it is not allowed, dry in an airy space on a clothing hanger or on a flat and airy surface like a drying rack for clothes.

Fluff the item with your hands a few times while it is drying.

Machine drying is recommended to return the fluffy features after washing. If the down is stuck together after washing, you can pat them lightly with your hand, which will electrify the down and try to
separate from each other.

Halti x Miele

By following the instructions on the washing label of the product and these tips you’ll get the best result, and you can enjoy your down items for a long time!

Halti World blog - Take care of down jackets and clothes
Halti World blog - care instructions for down clothing