Halti x Miele - how to wash shell jackets and shell pants

Guide: Wash & care instructions for shell clothing



In collaboration with Miele, we have gathered wash & care instructions for caring for various materials and products. Our common goal is durable and long-lasting clothing that will bring joy to users for years to come. Halti's waterproof shell products use DrymaxX® membrane, which is Halti's own membrane brand, which was introduced to the market already in 1995. Below you will find washing and care instructions for waterproof DrymaxX® shell jackets and shell pants.


DrymaxX® products must be washed separately and turned inside out. Spinning, tumble drying, and twisting may damage the product. The use of fabric softeners or detergents containing fabric softener
is not recommended, as the ingredients of these substances can block the microscopic pores of the DrymaxX® membrane. The use of solvents is prohibited.

More detailed washing instructions can be found on the care label which is
attached to the DrymaxX® products.

For outdoor clothes with a membrane, Miele washing machines have a special program designed to preserve the functional properties of special materials. We also recommend using the Miele Outdoor detergent designed for outdoor clothing with a membrane, which cleans gently, removes bad odors and, thanks to its special composition, maintains the breathable, water-repellent surface of the textiles.

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The DrymaxX® membrane can break, for example, due to holes caused by safety pins. If there is a cut or hole in the DrymaxX® product, they must be taped after sewing to ensure the waterproofness. The use of fillers containing silicone is not recommended.

For the DrymaxX® product to retain its features, it should be impregnated with a proofing agent intended for membrane
clothing as needed. Proofing agents can be found in well-stocked sports shops. With Miele's ImpraProtect proofing agent, a waterproof, breathable coating is easily achieved directly in the washing machine. This process should be done at
the point when the water coming from the outside no longer drips off but is absorbed into the surface of the fabric. When the surface of the fabric gets wet, the product feels wet and cold, because the water absorbed on the surface
of the fabric cannot penetrate the water vapor coming from the inside.

Always read the instructions carefully for use of the proofing agents and note that
the proofing should always be applied to a washed, clean product.

When using a Miele proofing agent or impregnating agent, the process can be done conveniently directly in the washing machine with the specific program designed for it. After impregnation, drying with a dryer impregnation program is recommended, which includes a special heat treatment step. In this way, a particularly durable, long-lasting surface is achieved for the product. Please note that impregnating agents containing paraffin must not be put in the tumble dryer.