Long-term business relationships with production facilities are very important to Halti. Achieving sustainable development is a collaboration, and almost all partnerships with production facilities have been long, some even more than 40 years.

We manufacture clothes, shoes and equipment in several different countries. Over the years, China has become the largest manufacturer of demanding technical products in the sports textile industry. Some of our production is also done in European countries. We manufacture socks and beanies in Finland. We have a quality control team that regularly visits factories to gain knowledge and insight into how and under what conditions our products are made. We publish a list of suppliers, where we tell you where each of our product groups are manufactured and how long our cooperation has lasted.


Factory workers are an important part of our product supply chain and we want to take good care of them. We are members of the international amfori BSCI organisation. It helps us to ensure that employees work regular hours in proper conditions and receive sufficient pay. We do not accept any child labour, corruption or discrimination. We aim to improve employees’ awareness of their rights and opportunities to have an impact on any deficiencies in the workplace. Being a member of amfori BSCI requires regular, objective, impartial and independent audits by an external auditor.

Amfori BSCI offers regular education for the suppliers on social responsibility topics and how to implement them as an employer. Halti strongly encourages all its suppliers to take part in amfori Academy for further education and development.

Halti sustainability who makes my clothes
Halti sustainability who makes my clothes

We try to take advantage of the factories' quieter times, when we can do our part to reduce the overtime pressure on the employees and enable them to have a stable livelihood all year round. We follow Amfor's complaints handling practices as well as their goals and instructions to enable a sufficient standard of living for the employees of our factories. Read more in our annual report.


We choose our suppliers and partners carefully, and we do it through an established process. First, we analyze the profile, customer base and certifications of a potential supplier company. We perform a capability analysis based on the supplier's own and external evaluations. We analyze their premises and equipment. Before we start the cooperation, we still carry out inspection visits, quality inspections and pay attention to the realization of social responsibility at the factory. The cooperation starts with test orders, which are monitored by our local quality control team. We monitor our partner's activities and carry out inspections regularly.