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First Whistle - Halti’s Whistleblowing Channel

Welcome to “First Whistle,” Halti’s whistleblowing channel. At Halti, we are deeply committed to our core values, code of conduct, and policies, as well as complying with applicable laws and regulations. This whistleblowing channel, “First Whistle,” is the designated platform for reporting any suspected misconduct in Halti’s operations, pertaining to laws, code of conduct, policies, or values. The First Whistle is accessible to Halti’s employees and partners.

Our Values

"Courageously, sustainably, with high-quality and together" – these are the foundational values that every member of the Halti team upholds. These values, aligned with our ethical guidelines, serve as the basis of our daily actions. Respect and kindness guide our interactions with everyone. Within our diverse team, every individual is encouraged to express their opinions, supported, and provided with a sense of security. Discrimination, bullying, or any form of inequality is unacceptable, and we courageously confront any such behavior within our community. We strongly encourage anonymous reporting at the first sign of suspicion regarding any infringement upon our values, policies, or the law. To ensure confidentiality, the First Whistle channel is managed by an independent third-party company, Juuriharja.

How to Report?

If you suspect any misconduct within Halti’s operations, please submit an anonymous report here. Reports can be filed in either Finnish, Swedish or English. Upon submission, you will receive an acknowledgment of receipt within 7 days. Within 90 days, you will be notified of the actions taken or to be taken concerning the reported issue and the underlying reasons. Your personal information, such as your name, email address, or IP address, will not be stored unless provided by you.

If our internal channel does not work, you can report abuse under the Whistleblower Protection Act to the Chancellor of Justice's centralised external reporting channel. Please note that to qualify for whistleblower protection, irregularities in the organisation's operations should be reported primarily through our internal reporting channel.

More Information:

For additional details, visit: FAQs for Whistleblowers (English)

The First Whistle channel is a critical tool in our compliance and sustainability efforts. We strongly encourage reporting with a low barrier. Please note that The First Whistle channel is not intended for customer service, such as reclamations or product inquiries. For such matters, please contact Halti’s Customer Service at +358 9 8520 8288 or email


Halti Ethical Guidelines

In addition to various audits, each Halti supplier also signs Halti's own Service Level Agreement contract, where the employer guarantees the basic human rights and fair, respectful treatment of every direct or indirect employee of Halti. Halti expects all business partners to follow the Amfori BSCI and BEPI Code of Conduct which are commitment documents for amfori members and their business partners to exercise human rights due diligence and environmental protection in their global supply chains in line with internationally recognized principles. Halti does not accept forced or child labor, prisoners or illegal workers, mental or physical violence, disciplinary actions, or harassment. Discrimination against pregnant women in the workplace is not allowed. We also recommend each employee to join their industry's union and have the opportunity for collective impact regarding working conditions and living wages.