Design philosophy

Every product must have its place and purpose. Every feature has been considered carefully, from the material selected to the last technical detail, so that our products withstand time and wear. Timeless designs, colours and stylish cuts produce outdoor clothing, gear and shoes that stand the test of time. We carefully think of what clothing and gear we design and launch, so that we can reduce the size of our product range and any over-production.

Our gear, shoes and textiles undergo extensive tests before production. We test water and wind resistance, breathability, shrinkage and other features both in a lab and in practice. Our products are tested by our partners, ranging from outdoor enthusiasts to top athletes. As a user of our clothing, shoes and gear, your opinions are valuable to us, and we are happy to receive feedback on the features and functionality of our products.



3D design is quickly becoming common in our field, and we are pioneers in it. The use of a 3D program in the design and production process significantly shortens the time to market for products. In addition, it reduces the time spent on commenting and approving clothes, as well as the number of physical samples needed. Digital samples can be distributed among stakeholders for approval and comment without logistical emissions.

For us at Halti, 3D means less textile waste, logistics emissions and the use of natural materials, as well as a creative and faster design process.

Halti sustainability finnish design
Halti sustainability finnish design

All Halti products are designed at Halti’s head office in Sipoo, Finland. The research and development team consists of a group of experienced Finnish professionals who are passionate about their craft. In addition, our R&D activities partly involve representatives of the management, sales and marketing, and our local team specialised in quality control is always close to our key production processes.

This means we are a big team with a big heart!