Ski Jackets

A ski jacket is one of the most important items of clothing for skiing. It needs to keep you dry and warm in some of the most extreme windy and cold weather conditions. A skiing jacket needs to keep you also cool when the weather gets warmer in springtime. It needs to be practical, easy to use, and not to forget - to make you look great on the slopes.

How to choose the right winter ski jacket for you? Choose a waterproof and windproof jacket for various winter conditions. The weather might change quickly, so you need protection to stay warm and dry. If you are a more experienced skier and enjoy fast speed, choose a lighter shell jacket version and utilize mid and base layers to optimize your performance. If you want to enjoy your winter day also during the colder weather, choose an insulated alpine ski jacket with padding. The ski coat with padding option keeps you warm. Our high-quality ski coats for men and women protect skiers against wind, cold, and snow and they also a good look. Combine your ski jacket with water and windproof ski pants and ski accessories. It is essential that ski clothing performs well but also look good. Choose the right ski coat for your day at the slopes and, you get most of your skiing day. Find more products in our snow clothes collection and ski clothing sale. Order your skiing jackets online.

Find in Halti's ski jacket collection ski jackets for men and ski jackets for women. High-quality, functional, warm, and stylish ski jackets for your days on the slopes. Our alpine ski jackets are designed for skiers with the twist of Scandinavian. We use technical DrymaxX® membrane in our jackets that keep water away while skiing. Read more of technical features here and browse our waterproof ski jackets collection.

FAQ of skiing jackets

We recommend to choose a jacket that protects you against wind and snow fall. The weather at the slopes might chance quickly so it is good to be prepared also for the colder winter days. A waterproof jacket keeps the snow away preventing you to get wet. If you get cold easily choose a warm insulated jacket and you might want to add a warm layer underneath the jacket. A good ski jacket contains also a snow gaiter and zipper pockets to keep your keycard safe. Check Halti’s skiing jacket collection for men and women and hit the slopes.

We recommend using a jacket that has a waterproof and breathable fabric that keeps the snow and rain out allowing your sweat to escape. When skiing in colder weather conditions you need a jacket with protective higher collar and protective sleeve ends. Underarm ventilations zips help when the weather gets warmer. Check that you jacket have a that fits over your helmet and the jacket have zippered pockets as well a snow gaiter.

Halti’s ski jackets are insulated to keep you warm whilst in cold conditions. Choose a jacket with Down Touch fill when you need an extra protection against the coldness. All Halti’s ski jackets are designed to keep the wind away, which can make the air even colder what the temperature is.  You can always add a light weight down jacket under the jacket to give extra warmth. Ventilations helps you to cool down when needed.

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