Halti Bergga parka jacket ISPO award winnerKallio by Halti Bergga Parka Jacket ISPO award winner

Halti is now a four-time ISPO Award winner - The Bergga Warm Parka has won the prestigious ISPO Award in October 2022

Each year the sporting goods industry’s respected ISPO-fair honors the most exceptional products with ISPO Award. Independent and international experts are judging several hundreds of products to established criteria. This time the competition was extremely tough. More than 40 most innovative products had made it into the final selection and were tested and judged by sports experts in Garmisch Partenkirchen. Halti’s Bergga Warm Parka from the urban collection Kallio® by Halti® was selected ISPO Award 2022 winner.

Modern urban design with the latest technical features

"By combining urban design with clever technical features, the Bergga Warm Parka stands out from classic winter jackets. Particularly noteworthy is the 3D tunnel construction on the inside, which allows good insulation at low weight”, states Andi Spiess, the jury member of ISPO Award and editor at large ISPO.com.

Halti Bergga Warm parka jacket 3D tunnel details
Halti Bergga Winter Parka jacket ISPO award winnerHalti Bergga jacket
Halti Bergga parka jacketHalti Bergga winter jacket

Creative process behind the Bergga jacket

Hanna Koivula, Designer of Kallio collection talks about the creative process behind Bergga jacket: “Bergga Warm Parka jacket originates from the passion to create a premium synthetic-filled winter coat with the poise of a down parka. Thinking of the whole lifecycle of a garment, it boosted us to find innovative solutions. Now we can proudly apprise that Bergga is one of Kallio® by Halti® collection´s monomaterial items. The secret behind the airy warmness is the 3D air-flow tunnel and double front construction. Elegant and technical shell fabric provides weather protection even against the roughest winds and downpours. With thoughtful detailing as long side zippers, roomy pockets, and stylish black reflective elements, we wish to ease the complex city life. With contemporary yet timeless design Bergga will deliver warmth and shelter for years to come.”

Kallio® by Halti®

The collection Kallio® by Halti® was launched in August 2022. At Halti, we have decades of experience in the ruthless arctic weather. Our roots are in the northern climate and its stark extremes. However, the urban laws of nature can be just as fierce as the outdoor wilderness. That’s why we created Kallio® – a Nordic urban line with premium functionality and minimalistic elegance. Kallio® brings Halti’s frontrunning design into the urban scenery with passion, style and ease.

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