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At Halti, we have decades of experience in the ruthless arctic weather. Our roots are in the northern climate and its stark extremes. But, the urban laws of nature can be just as fierce as the outdoor wilderness. That’s why we created Kallio® – a
Nordic urban line with premium functionality and minimalistic elegance.

Kallio® brings Halti’s frontrunning design into the urban scenery with passion, style and ease. We want you to go out into the world feeling unbeatable – especially
when there’s a chance of wind and horizontal rain.

In Finnish, kallio means rock. Kallio is also the name of Finland’s most urban district, in Helsinki. The heart of Kallio is a curious blend of urban lifestyle, cutting-edge design, and climate-conscious people. The spirit of Kallio is progressive and vibrant. So is our collection.

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Bluusi Unisex Shirt
Bluusi Unisex Shirt
89,90 €
Halti Kallio Kurvi Miesten Parkatakki - Malli 3
Halti Kallio Kurvi Miesten Parkatakki - Sininen
Kurvi Men's DrymaxX 3L Parka Jacket
289,00 €
Baana Unisex Shirt
Baana Unisex Shirt
79,90 €

Sustainable, recycled materials • Timeless design • Reflective details

Above all, the spirit of Kallio is forward thinking. Kallio® gives recycled materials new
life by meticulous design, gender-neutral patterns and a timeless colour
palette. Our design is rooted in technicality. Each piece is sustainably made
from recycled material, easily reparable and recyclable. To make sure you won’t
go unnoticed in the late city nights, all the coats are finessed with black reflective details.

Kallio® by Halti is a collection of timeless pieces to rock every day – from office to gym,
city bike rides and city hikes, to the dinner table and back home.

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Halti Kallio Kurvi Miesten Parkatakki - Malli 3
Halti Kallio Kurvi Miesten Parkatakki - Sininen
Kurvi Men's DrymaxX 3L Parka Jacket
289,00 €
Halti Kallio Regnis Naisten Parkatakki - Sininen - Malli 3
Regnis Women's DrymaxX Parka Jacket
Regnis Women's DrymaxX Parka Jacket
249,00 €
Halti Kallio Blosis Bucket Hattu - Kalastajanhatti - Vihreä
Halti Kallio Blosis Bucket Hattu - Kalastajanhatti - Sininen
Blosis Bucket Hat
29,90 €
Kallio By Halti designer Hanna Koivula

“Kallio has always been one of the most influential sceneries of my everyday life. I love its progressive spirit, dense energy, and sense of community. It’s the neighborhood where I’ve grown into the most defining roles of my life: mother, designer and, urban citizen. To me, the residents of Kallio and their gutsy sense of style is an endless source of inspiration.

Creating something timeless, sustainable, and technically impeccable is not easy, but beyond rewarding. With Kallio®, I really wanted to challenge myself both technically and creatively.  Countless hours went into puzzling with technical solutions, fabrics, repairability and sustainable style. I ended up with straight silhouettes, sometimes oversized and even gender neutral. I gravitated to urban colors and muted classics with a seasonal twist.

The future might feel uncertain, but one thing is for sure: Today’s clothing innovations will affect us all and our children down the line. I’m happy to say Kallio became Halti’s most sustainable collection line yet. We’re definitively not going to get comfortable and stop here. There’s a lot to do in this industry – and lots of urban citizens around the globe we want to keep toasty with a Nordic twist.

When it comes to the functional features and innovations, Halti is an inevitable game changer on the market. I’ve had the thrill of creating from the best premium
materials and innovative ingredients – to accomplish my most ambitious work to date.

I’m looking forward to seeing the clothes on the streets, mixed, matched and layered in all imaginable ways. Most of all, I hope you feel warm wearing them. Especially knowing that they’re all made from recycled materials, ready to serve in your wardrobe for a long time.”

Kallio by Halti