Ski touring is a growing sport that combines skiing, hiking, and downhill skiing. It offers adventurous outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity to explore nature from different perspectives not typically reached on traditional ski tracks or ski slopes.

The versatile activity is also known as backcountry skiing, Ski mountaineering, Alpine touring and freeriding. Different enthusiasts emphasize different aspects of the sport – some prioritize skiing, while others focus on downhill skiing.

The sport is a combination of physically demanding hiking and exhilarating descents. Ski touring places specific demands on clothing, and the right attire is crucial for enjoying ski touring comfortably and safely.


Layering is also key for ski touring. Layering is traditionally divided into three layers: base, mid, and outer layers. It is important to understand that each layer serves its purpose and works together, either providing warmth or cooling as needed, while also wicking away moisture.

The base layer's purpose is to transfer moisture produced by the body away from the skin, keeping the feeling as dry and comfortable as possible. The mid-layer's main function is to act as insulation and regulate the body's temperature optimally. The outer layer, in turn, protects against wind and water.

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Merino wool is a popular and effective material for the base layer. Merino wool is a natural fiber that retains warmth even when damp. In addition to merino wool, good materials include technical fabrics with excellent moisture-wicking capabilities. When choosing a base layer, we recommend considering both weather conditions and your own ability to regulate body temperature – we are all different!

Mid layers often include the use of lightweight synthetic or down-filled jackets and vests, maximizing insulation. The use of synthetic or down-filled jackets and vests is popular when the outermost layer is just a shell garment.


In ski touring, outer layers are often considered shell garments without insulation. This allows for layering and temperature regulation using different layers as needed.

The material of the outer layer can be either completely windproof and waterproof with a membrane or more breathable and flexible with softshell material. The advantage of a garment with a membrane is that it provides protection against wind and snow even in harsh weather conditions, while softshell, on the other hand, is more ideal for active movement.

Windproof and waterproof shell garments and softshell garments can also be used in combination, with shell garments added over softshells as needed.

From our Ski Touring collection, you can find Alpine 3-layer shell garments and Adrenaline X-stretch softshell garments.

Halti Alpine ski touring jacket yellow / Halti Alpine miesten ski touring takki keltainen

Halti's ski touring collection pays special attention to the details of the garments to meet the needs of ski touring enthusiasts.

Particularly during hiking, the importance of the garments' ventilation capacity is emphasized. Therefore, in most of our ski touring garments, in addition to breathable materials, ventilation options are also considered. The long zipper of the Alpine 3L shell pants also facilitates putting on the pants.

In the placement of pockets, the use of a backpack has been taken into account. It is essential that accessing pockets is easy even when wearing a backpack on the back.


As in other winter outdoor activities, using accessories as part of your equipment is important in ski touring.

Heading uphill as the heart rate rises and the body generates heat, thinner accessories such as a headband and gloves work well. During breaks and descending, coldness can, in turn, surprise you, so it's good to have warmer headgear and mittens with you.


Why should you invest in equipment for ski touring?

The answer is simple – so that you can enjoy your excursion and focus on movement, the surrounding nature, and the company of your fellow adventurers. Ski touring is the perfect combination of adventure, physical activity, and the thrill of speed. It's crucial that both uphill and downhill experiences are equally enjoyable.

Halti's ski touring products withstand use because carefully chosen technical materials and timeless design serve the user for a long time and in various winter activities.


For beginners in ski touring, the primary focus should be on safety. Check the weather conditions, learn the basic skills, and equip yourself with appropriate safety gear before heading out.

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