Product Features

Pure and natural insulation. Eg. 90% down and 10% small feather. Ratio makes the filling more elastic and spacious.

Sleeping bag contains artificial fiber filling.

The down filling between the two layers of fabric remains in the H-shaped compartments, helping the bag to stay uniformly warm from head to foot and preventing the formation of cold points.

The sleeping bag has two superimposed layers of fiber, creating a warming air pocket between the layers.

Single-layer structure sleeping bags, intended for summer use, have one layer of fiber, making the bag light to carry and packable into a very small space.

Product, intended particularly for winter use, whose materials and technical details have been designed to function in extreme conditions. LIGHTWEIGHT Product, made of extremely lightweight materials, which packs into a small space.

Waist-belt tightening mechanism, designed for backpacks, which enables buckles to be tightened directly from the front of the body. In this way, double power is generated with the same pull. The tightened backpack follows the contours of the body better and is easier to carry.

Inlet hole, designed for backpacks, through which the hydration system tube or a music player headphone lead can be passed.

Technical feature of backpacks and rucksacks, which enables the length of the back section to be adjusted easily and quickly. The adjustment possibility facilitates the carrying of equipment and allows the backpack to sit as comfortable as possible according to the wearer’s height and size.

AVS (Air Ventilation System) 
Ventilation solution which keeps the back dry when carrying a backpack. The back panel is styled so that warm air is conducted upwards along air tunnels between the back and the rucksack to be replaced with fresh air from below.

zipper flap allows access to the backpack directly from the front. The solution facilitates and speeds up both the packing of equipment and the finding of items during a journey.

mesh back panel, which leaves generous air space between the pack and the wearer’s back.

The design and styling of the hip belt are unique and, in terms of load-carrying capacity and comfort, are in a class of their own.

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