Materials - Footwear



Softshell is trade name for water repellent smooth and soft textile, with woven surface and knit backing. In footwear Softshell is lightweight and comfortable option, while it is not the most durable or protective. Softshell is most useful in outdoor lifestyle walking shoes, combined with waterproof membrane. All Softshell used in Halti shoes is made of recycled polyester from plastic bottles. The country of origin is China, Haiyan Haili green Fiber Co.Ltd 


Waterproof DrymaxX membrane is made of 100% PU, and completely FC free. Membrane is laminated into lining material, which is usually moisture wicking mesh (exceptions in some winter boots). Lining is in sock construction, all seams taped with waterproof tape. This means, that even if the shoes get wet, feet stay dry.

All DrymaxX shoes are built with the same construction, and are all 100% waterproof, no water pillars to measure it. The function is based on osmosis and nano-filtering, meaning the membrane allows small vapor molecules to pass, but not the bigger water molecules. In theory the membrane itself is very breathable, but all the other materials and layers, will affect on that feature. Also sock material has big effect, as wool and cotton are so absorbing materials, that they will prevent membrane working. That is why technical socks are recommended for best experience.

Freelock System™

Freelock is South Korean speed- and safety laces system. It is very easy grasp – just turn the disc clockwise to tighten, and anti-clockwise to loosen. This is easy to do with one hand, with gloves on. It gives nice snug fitting, without worry of loosen laces. Halti is gives Freelock System 2 years guarantee, also spare parts and tools are available.

Memory foam

Memory foam is trade name for visco-elastic PU foam, that was originally developed by NASA for space travel. It is naturally antibacterial, as it is so dense that bacteria can’t survive on it. Same time it is airy and soft, and it reacts to temperature, forming supportive cushioning in just the right shape. Commonly used in mattresses for comfort, in footwear it is mostly used in footbed for same reasons.


BoomaxX is special granular form of PU, commonly known as ETPU, that makes extremely flexible and high energy return foam material. Compared to EVA, it’s more responsive and softer, and it doesn’t ‘get tired’ ie. loose it’s shape and support. This material was originally developed by BASF for Adidas as Boost-technology. Commonly used in midsoles for shoes that require extra comfort and bounce.


3M Thinsulate is lightweight, synthetic, breathable and moisture resistant insulation used in winter boots for cold weather. 1.5 – 3 Clo value, 100% polyester and hypoallergenic.


All Halti shoes, which are not made of leather, are ultimately vegan. No animal-based products are used in any manufacturing process. Our Vegan leather is recycled PU, processed in water-based production (fossil fuel free), combined with knit PES backing. The look and feel are very similar to leather, of course leather is more durable in use, but it is also heavier, and need a lot of care. Vegan leather is not replacing real leather, it is another option. Our Vegan leather, or ECO PU, is GRS certificated and originated from Fujian, China.

Renewable materials

Textiles based in renewable materials, or so called bio-based materials, are mostly used in lining, where durability is not the major requirement. Mesh linings, for example, are made from GRS certificated alternative fibers such as coffee, sugar cane and bamboo. Also wool or organic cotton can be used together with recycled PES for knit upper materials.


Usually leather used in shoes is cow hide, as it is strong and durable. Skins are by-product of meet industry, no cows are killed or bred for the skins.  Leather has been used in footwear for thousands of years, and it has many qualities that people appreciate, such as breathability, flexibility and durability. And when cared well, it lasts decades. To achieve all that, hides must be processed in tanneries. Most common is chemical tanning, that produces beautiful and strong leathers. Chrome is the main chemical used in tanning, and the chemical trace of chrome is very closely monitored by EU, and by Halti. We have zero tolerance for Chrome6 residues. 

360 vision

High-Visible footwear, with large part of upper made of reflective or glow in dark material, visible to all directions.