Materials - Clothing


At Halti, we use materials that create highly functional clothing that can be used, combined, and layered based on your activity and the weather conditions. We only use the best-in-class material for each product to ensure it performs to the highest standard in each product category. Our fabrics and products are designed to be long-lasting. 



DrymaxX® brand clothing is designed to perform in extreme conditions. It provides protection and comfort in wind, rain, and snow. A garment made from DrymaxX® waterproof fabric with the right structural features is guaranteed to perform.

Waterproof, windproof, breathable, tested.

DrymaxX® is a water- and windproof, breathable material that’s suitable for use even in severe conditions. The material’s properties are determined by the DrymaxX® membrane. DrymaxX® membrane is bonded to the garment’s surface and/or lining fabric, depending on the garment’s intended use.

Construction of DrymaxX® products

DrymaxX® waterproof fabric on its own is not enough to make a product waterproof. DrymaxX® products are designed and manufactured in such a way that their construction prevents moisture from getting inside. All seams are protected with seam tape. Embroidery and logos are taped on the inside of the product. Pockets, zips and vents are designed so as not to let moisture inside the product. Besides clothing, DrymaxX® is used in footwear and gloves.

Washing and care instructions for DrymaxX® products

DrymaxX® products must be washed separately, inside out. Spinning, tumble drying and wringing may damage the product. Do not dry clean. Specific washing instructions for each DrymaxX product can be found on the care label.

Don’t damage the DrymaxX® membrane!

The DrymaxX® membrane may be damaged by perforations caused by safety pins, etc. If a DrymaxX® product develops a tear or hole, it must be taped after sewing to ensure that it is waterproofed. The use of waterproofing substances containing silicone is not recommended.


DrymaxX® structure classification

  • DrymaxX® Nano – Extreme breathability for demanding conditions 
Designed for high intensity training in various moist conditions. With special microporous technology this membrane can offer lightness and optimal balance between waterproofness and high breathability. 
  • DrymaxX® Ultimate - Ultimate protection and performance 

Designed for activities that require ultimate water resistance, breathability and durability in extreme conditions and environments. 

  • DrymaxX® All Weather - Focus on performance 

The ideal choice for outdoor and winter sports in all conditions featuring outstanding water resistance and breathability

  • DrymaxX® Classic - Waterproof comfort

The ideal choice for light and comfortable exercise in normal every day or rainy conditions.

  • DrymaxX® Lite - Ideal urban protection

Designed for the urban everyday need for protection against the rain, snow and wind.

 Read more about the DrymaxX® materials here.

Other materials used by Halti

Active dry ®

is an effective material that transfers moisture from the skin and maintains a pleasant and dry feel, even in intense use. The material does not absorb water itself, so it dries quickly. Materials manufactured with  Active Dry® technology are used in technical shirts and pants, lining fabrics, underwear, and layering garments.


Products that are light as possible and can easily be packed for example into the items own pocket and/or hood. Airlite products carry the Weight Series marking, indicating the weight class of the product. The Weight Series value ( 50,100, 200 etc) is determined according to the measured weight in size M for men and size 38 for women. The value is not definitive. For example, the weight of Weight Serie 200 product is 200-299g.  


materials represent the latest generation of high-tech heat insulation materials. Arcty® grades are ideal for mid layers because their porous microstructure efficiently wicks moisture away from the base layer to the outermost layers of clothing. Excellent breathability and exceptional weight to heat insulation ratio make Arcty® fabrics the best possible protection against cold weather.

Bi-Density Structure 

Is fabric weaving technic, which uses two different kinds of weaving type in the same fabric. Bi-Density structured fabric two kinds of surfaces, plain and patterned, vary at certain intervals so that the same product can be of two different weave appearance without seams.


The bluesign® SYSTEM unites the entire textile value chain to reduce impact on people and the planet. Bluesign is a sustainability standard that guarantees the highest level of security for consumers and textile workers. It considers especially the chemical composition of textile products to ensure healthy and safe materials.

Body mapping

Body mapping is an innovation that allows the user to adjust the jacket’s warmth to suit the weather and the intensity of exercise. You can make the jacket warmer by attaching separate thermal elements to it. These provide warmth in the right areas without overheating other parts of the body. These thermal elements are easy to attach and remove.

Cotton Serie

A material family consisting of 100 % cotton, cotton-polyester, and cotton-elastane mixtures. These materials are good for casual clothing. They feel pleasant and airy against the skin.


We only use certified or recycled down.

All of our virgin down is certified to the Responsible Down Standard. The RDS independently certifies down against animal welfare requirements and tracks it from the source to the final product. From farm to factory. Every stage is certificated, ensuring that animals:  Are not live-plucked, force-fed, have been treated with respect, throughout their lives and the down is a by-product of the food industry.

Down Touch 

A lightweight synthetic insulating material that is similar to down and offers a high heat insulation value. Down Touch products are soft and comfortable to use.


is a stretchy fiber that, when used in fabrics, improves the fit of garments made with them. Stretchy fabrics enable form-fitting styles without sacrificing comfort.

Exkin Air

is a soft and lightweight multi-layer synthetic insulating material similar to down. It is water repellent and dries quickly and maintains warmth even in wet conditions.

Fitted Axis Collar

A completely new collar structure developed by Halti which offers the optimal comfort and fit of the collar through a specific ergonomics shape. The close-fit collar is light and protective. The Fitted Axis Collar structure is used in Halti Multisport products designed for active and demanding users.

Halti Hybrids

Products where material, shape, and cut has been placed optimally according to the requirements set by active use in order to offer an optimal level of comfort and performance. 

Merino Wool

Wool as a material is naturally antibacterial and it is suitable also for technical, active use products. We prohibit wool from farms that practise mulesing of sheep.


The density of microfiber fabrics makes them windproof while allowing moisture to escape. The material is good for all performance. 


is thin, lightweight padding, which offers excellent thermal insulation with technical and waterproof materials. This microfiber padding is supple and warm. It maintains its properties well in demanding conditions and in the wash.

Microtherm Eco

Is a technical padding made with a minimum of 40% recycled content. Padding is extremely light weight and it can maintain high heat ration even when wet. As padding is water repellent and extremely breathable, it is suitable for really high activity, in cold and wet circumstances. 

Microtherm® Thermofill

This super soft down like filling contains small fiber clusters that are blowed into filling. This way fibers creates uneven structure that can capsule a lot of air inside and makes it very warm and lightweight. A lightweight insulation material that is similar to down and offers a high heat insulation value even in wet conditions.

Microtherm® Dynamic

Enough warmth and technical functionality are key to this dynamic filling. Overlapping fibers creates stretchable structure that capsules air even with slim structure. Stretchable padding works perfectly with stretchable outshell.

Microtherm® Arcty

With extra fine and soft fibers this filling creates lofty feeling and super warm result. Many layers of fine fibers can capsule air very effectively and thus can be used in the coldest conditions. 

Multisport Ventilation System

A ventilation structure developed by Halti. It is used in the leading products of the Halti Multisport product group to improve breathability when performance and external conditions so require. The ventilation structure is light and easy to use. Final details may vary vary according to the product and its purpose of use.

Pack away

The product can be packed in the practical carrying bag supplied with it.

Pertex® Quantum

The elite of tightly woven microfibre materials. Pertex® Y serie's Quantum material used by Halti include spesific Y-shaped interlocked fibres inside the yarn that enable a highly wear-resistant structure in relation to the weight of the material. The result is a wear-resistant material which combines the pleasant outer layer of the fabric with improved water resistance.


PrimaLoft® wadding technology originated from the needs of the US military to develop a synthetic water resistant option to down. The PrimaLoft® wadding technology is based on the smallest fibres the technology has to offer. The fibre size is less than 1 denier (the average fibre size is 2.5-6 denier). These extremely small fibres are able to bind volumes of air inside their wadding structure, resulting in excellent warmth and lightness. PrimaLoft® also repeals water effectively and dries quickly. This is based on the fibre structure and a permanent water resistance treatment added to the fibre. The treatment of PrimaLoft® fibres reduces the capacity of the fibres absorb moisture while makeing it water-resistant. PrimaLoft® wadding is the best option for cold and wet condition.

PrimaLoft® Silver Insulation ECO

A combination of ecology and the most functional wadding technology on the market! The material is extremely soft and light and 70 % of the material is recycled. 

PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation

Those spending time in the worst cold and wet weather conditions possible, or those looking for the comfort of pinnacle performance should venture no futher than PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation, the highest performing synthetic insulation available. The ultimate warmth-to-weight available in a synthetic and softness that mimics goods down. With famed PrimaLoft® water repellency that insulates even in the wettest weather – maintaining 96% of warmth when wet. These unmatched thermal properties also feature breathability, packability and outstanding softness – consider this the pinnacle of insulation performance.

PrimaLoft® Silver Insulation

A combination of ecology and the most functional wadding technology on the market! The material is extremely soft and light, and it have ultimate warmth-to-weight ratio. This synthetic insulation mimics goods down. With famed PrimaLoft® water repellency that insulates even in the wettest weather – maintaining 96% of warmth when wet. These unmatched thermal properties also feature breathability, packability, completely recycled and outstanding softness – consider this the pinnacle of insulation performance.

PrimaLoft® Thermo Fleece ECO

The PrimaLoft® Performance Fleece technology represents the next generation of fleece products. The extremely light PrimaLoft® fibre, treated to be water resistant offers a softer, warmer and more quickly drying, breathable and water-resistant functionality than traditional fleece material. Certified bluesign® approved. 


materials have an excellent weight to tear resistance ratio. To improve their resistance to tearing, Ripstop materials weave together threads of different strengths, making them lightweight and durable. The reinforcement threads in Ripstop fabrics can be seen as a faint grid pattern on the surface of the fabric.

Softshell Light

is wind and water resistant material that is very breathable and flexible, and has no membrane. Bonded material made by gluing together two desired material. The product is suitable for many purposes because it can also be used for layering.


A windproof material that is used in products that require first-class wind resistance, breathability and good water resistance. The Stormwall® high technical features are based on special knitting technology, connecting the surface and lining fabric together or adding coating to fabric inner surface. The result is breathable, light material which offers products for active use. In addition to clothing, the Stormwall® membrane is also used in gloves and winter caps. 

Stormwall® Softshell

With Softshell products, you wear fewer layers of clothing! A windproof and water-repellent membrane is connected to a tight, moisture-resistant surface fabric. The inner surface may vary from combed to smooth. The outcome is a soft, lightweight and flexible material used in products that are suitable for a wide range of activities.

Stormwall® Softshell stretch Carbon

Representing latest Halti technology with combination of windproof Stormwall® outer surface and with latest nanotechnology, Bamboo Charcoil inner surface. This net structured Bamboo Charcoil inner surface is overwhelming solution to products with light weight and softness without heat loss. Bamboo Charcoil material excellent heat ration is based on material ability to release and reflect Far Infrared Rays. Back towards body reflected Far Infrared Rays improved blood circulation while keeping the body warm and maintaining body temperature. Bamboo Charcoil material is naturally antibacterial and it transfer moisture from the skin and maintains a pleasant and dry feel, drying quickly.


Thinsulate is a thermal insulation material featuring uniquely thin microfibres which bind more air into a smaller space. This makes Thinsulate a supreme insulation material. The thermal properties of Thinsulate are not significantly affected by machine washing or dry cleaning. Actually, tests have proven that the average Clo (the overall insulation value) of Thinsulate remains practically unchanged, even after many washes.

Vintage surface

Vintage look fabric surface made by special printing system.

Wax finishing

Wax finishing makes materials water- and dirt-resistant without compromising the products´ breathability. The appearance of wax finishing typically changes over time and through wear and washing. The finishing process can be repeated, following the product´s care instructions.

Welding System

is used as option for traditional stitching construction. Gives product light construction. Prevent both heat leakage and insulation material leaking through the needle holes. 


is a stretch fabric suitable for active sports, hiking, trekking and even for leisure use. The material repels both wind and moisture and it is breathable. As the material has good wicking performance, it dries quickly. The material has no membrane, its surface fabric is tightly woven and its inner surface can be either combed or smooth, depending on the application.


Halti 360°Reflective marking in Halti gear means special attention to safety during exercise in dark circumstances. Reflective details positions clothing are place to ensure visibility all sides - 360°Reflective.


Halti Recycled Materials

    The Global Recycle Standard (GRS)  verifies the recycled content of the material as well as the responsible social, environmental and chemical practices in production. The objectives of the GRS are to define requirements to ensure accurate content claims and good working conditions, and that harmful environmental and chemical impacts are minimized.
    Recycled Polyester
      Recycled polyester is made from PET- bottles or post-consumer textile waste.
      Recycled Nylon
        Recycled nylon is made from pre- consumer industrial waste such as waste generated during the processing of virgin raw materials, semi-finished products along the supply chain and cutting scraps.
        Recycled Cotton
        Recycled cotton is made from pre-consumer industrial waste and post-consumer textile waste. The largest amount of recycled cotton is coming from pre-consumer waste such as waste generated during the processing of virgin raw materials, semi-finished products along the supply chain and cutting scraps.
        Recycled Down
          Recycled down is collected from already disposed post-consumer products. Down is recovered from the filled product, presorted in several categories and sanitized.