Halti base layers for men and women

When choosing a technical base layer consider the purpose of use, intensity of your planned activity and weather conditions in which you’ll be needing the base layer. A base layer set may be designed for either warm or cold weather conditions, or an intensive workout or calmer activity. The right base layer will make your sport or activity even more enjoyable and boost performance!

The right kind of layering starts from the base layer. More layers are added according to the need to add warmth. Halti base layers are divided into ‘Hardcore’ and ‘Comfort’ categories. As part of layering the high quality and multipurpose mid-layer jackets are great options.

In Halti base layers we use Active Dry material, which is stretchable and feels comfortable while keeping the user cool and dry. Active Dry is a technical material, and it transfers moisture efficiently away from the skin in active use.

In addition to the material, the fit of the base layer is very important. The structure and placements of the seams allow movement and feel comfortable without causing abrasions. A good base layer fits well, feels comfortable and the material transfers moisture away from the skin. In Halti base layers the seams feel smooth and comfortable without causing abrasion to the skin.

From our collection you can find base layers for women and men.




The base layers of the Hardcore category are designed for professional athletes and active sports. The base layers feel dry against the skin and comfortable even in intensive sports and workouts. The functional material allows a microclimate between the material and skin and ensures an ideal feel, and this allows for the energy of the body to be used towards the performance of the muscles instead of adjusting warmth. Halti Cool Mesh, Intese and Seamless base layers are part of the Hardcore category.  

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Our Comfort category includes multipurpose base layers for men and women, keeping the body temperature steady and skin feeling dry. The soft knit materials feel extremely comfortable to wear. The base layers of the Comfort category are great options for lower intensity training and activities as well as relaxed leisure time use. From the Comfort category you’ll find more relaxed fitting base layers and merino wool base layers. The Relax products, as well as Warm and Wool base layers are part of the Comfort category.

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The stretchable and light Active Dry Cool Mesh material is extremely breathable and transfers moisture away from the skin efficiently. The skin feels dry even in intensive activities. The Cool Mesh line includes base layers designed for high intensity training and for active users and athletes. The Finnish Cross-Country Ski Team uses Cool Mesh products.



The Active Dry material in Intense base layers transfers moisture away from the skin efficiently and dries quickly. The products with the ‘Windy’ feature are made with windproof Stormwall ® panels on the front of the base layer items. The Avion base layers are in the Intense line. The Intense base layers are designed for active sports like cross-country and downhill skiing and winter running.



The soft Active Dry Seamless material transfers moisture away from the skin efficiently and keeps the body temperature steady. The slim fit and structure of the seams make the products feel soft and comfortable. The Seamless line is designed for active sports and outdoor activities.



The Relax line is made from a technical Active Dry material and the fit is relaxed. The Free Seamless products of the Relax line are designed for relaxed free time use and activities. The material dries quickly and transfers moisture away from the skin efficiently.    



The naturally antibacterial Merino Wool material can be used all year round and it reacts to the body temperature either warming or cooling against the skin. Wool is a great option for active sports. The Pihka merino wool base layers are made from 100% mulesing free merino wool.



A warm and soft Active Dry material in our mid layer jackets keeps the skin feeling dry. The brushed back inner surface feels extra soft and will keep you warm even in cold weather. The mid layer jackets can be used under an outdoor jacket, or without additional layers indoors or in warmer weather.

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