Waterproof Jackets

When the rains are coming, so it's time to start figuring out what that means for you when going outdoors. No matter what you are wearing underneath, make sure you are covered up with a rainproof coat. We at Halti have a solution for you whenever you are going outdoors. 

Our large range of Waterproof Jackets for men and Waterproof Jackets for women will keep you safe and dry, whether you're hiking up your next fell or mountain or spending a day out in the forest. Halti's DrymaxX® membrane keeps the water and wind away while your outdoor adventure. All our waterproof shell jackets have a protective hood, pockets to keep your phone dry, produced and designed with our Think ahead mindset that our waterproof jackets should last time and can be used for several years. Buy your own lightweight waterproof jacket today! Check also our down jackets to combine with a waterproof coat.

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