Men's Base Layers

Discover Halti's collection of Men's Base Layers. Merino and seamless pants and tops are designed to perform in a variety of conditions. Our base layers offer optimal warmth, comfort, and breathability on your day outdoors. Choose the cool or thermal layer that gives you optimal performance for your sports activity.

COOL MESH: Cool moisture active mesh with big-hole construction for optimal ventilation keeps your body ultra cool and comfortable during the high-intensity exercise. INTENSE: Efficient moisture transfer and comfortable fit with a soft touch and quick dry feature create a perfect multi-use base layer for any sport. Styles marked with “Windy” feature with windproof panels in areas needed. SEAMLESS: Soft and seamless 3D knit with excellent moisture transfer and body temperature management provide perfect smooth fitting and optimal comfort. RELAX: Super soft, warm and comfortable yet technical base layers with a casual twist. Perfect for various situations from sport to leisure providing comfort and warmth. WOOL: Naturally antibacterial wool provides warmth for cold conditions. Long fine fibers feel soft and comfortable against bare skin and maintain its thermal insulation properties when wet. WARM: Thermal warm and soft, moisture active polyester knit with brushed inside feels soft and comfortable. Keeps the body warm and dry during physical activities in cold conditions.

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