The official partner for the X-Country Ski Team Finland

The official partner for the X-Country Ski Team Finland

Halti takes over all Nordic skiing disciplines – Halti becomes the main collaboration partner and sportswear provider of the Cross-Country Ski Team Finland.

Halti and the Finnish Ski Association have entered into a collaboration agreement regarding clothing the Cross Country Ski Team Finland during the next Olympiad.

The agreement is a continuation of last season's collaboration between the Nordic combined and ski jumping teams. Due to the collaboration with the cross-country skiing national team, Halti takes over the provision of sportswear for all national teams of the Nordic skiing disciplines.

With the new agreement, Halti reinforces its range of snow sports and conveys a strong image of a manufacturer of activewear and products, as well as being one of the most prestigious Finnish premium sport and outdoor brands. 

"We are excited about the collaboration. Halti is made for people to whom exercising outdoors is an important part of an active lifestyle. We want to inspire people to spend time in nature, whether they are top athletes or people living in a city, who simply require some peace and quiet in nature. We believe that to us as a Finnish brand, cross country skiing and the Nordic skiing disciplines provide a possibility to reach the target group we want to speak to," says Sami Kiiski, CEO at Halti Oy.

Another objective of the collaboration is product development with sports professionals.

"The goal of the collaboration is to provide the best possible performance to the national teams by means of excellence in clothing and to reinforce Halti's role as the sportswear provider for the Finnish snow sports. The feedback we receive from the team's athletes regarding demanding performances and varying conditions is an important part of our product development. Based on this dialogue it is possible for us to ensure the continuing development and competitiveness of our products," Kiiski continues.

With the collaboration agreement, Halti will become the main collaboration partner of the Cross Country Ski Team Finland. As a partner, Halti wants to promote quality, functionality, and responsibility, via their production processes, to consumers.

"Corporate responsibility provides a foundation for our operations and product development. To us, responsibility is enabling the Finnish top-level sport's success by means of this collaboration."

Jari Töykkä, Commercial Director for the Finnish Ski Association, is pleased with the agreement that unites the Nordic disciplines' national teams. The values of Halti and the teams converge well. Töykkä believes that the attraction of Nordic skiing disciplines and collaboration with the Finnish activewear provider benefit both contracting parties.

"There is a strong increase in the interest in cross-country skiing among both active sports followers and skiers themselves. The TV viewing figures are very high while increasing numbers of young adults can be seen on the ski tracks. In addition, recent studies show that the popularity of cross-country skiing is on the rise, especially among young adults. We are very happy to have reached such a comprehensive and strategic collaboration with Halti. We now begin the collaboration with Halti and the cross-country skiing national team with extreme excitement," Töykkä concludes.

The collaboration agreement between Halti and the Finnish Ski Association's national teams continues until the year 2022. The Nordic World Ski Championships of Seefeld in 2019 and of Oberstdorf in 2021, as well as the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, all take place during the agreement period.

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