Ilkka Herola, nordic combined athlete

Ilkka Herola, nordic combined athlete

Halti sponsors Nordic combined skier Ilkka Herola.

Ilkka is a National Team athlete born in 1995. He lives in Kuopio, the heart of the Savo region of Finland, and represents Puijo Ski Club.

Ilkka has been ski jumping since he was seven years old and skiing for as long as he can remember. Therefore, Nordic combined skiing was a natural discipline for him, as it is a fascinating combination of these two sports.

Ilkka is studying economics at the University of Eastern Finland alongside his training, and in his free time, he enjoys music and hunting, which is his passion in the fall season. Ilkka has always enjoyed all types of outdoor activities, which provide a healthy balance to the life of a top athlete.

Facebook/ Ilkka Herola

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