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Men's cross-country ski clothing

Halti Veloce Hiihtotakki Miesten - Malli
Halti Veloce men's xct jacket white
Veloce XCT Jacket Men's
239,00 €
Halti Interval Pipo - Musta
Halti Interval Pipo - Sininen
Interval Beanie
34,90 €
Halti Pihka men's merino wool base layer green / Halti Pihka miesten merinovillakerrasto vihreä
Halti Pihka men's base layer pants green
Pihka II Merino Baselayer Pants Men's
109,00 €
Halti Pihka men's base layer shirt green
Pihka II Merino Baselayer Shirt Men's
109,00 €
Halti Windfire Warm Baselayer Set Men's
Halti Windfire men's base layer shirt blue
Windfire Warm Baselayer set Men's
79,90 €
Halti Moodi Panta - Sininen
Halti Moodi Panta - Vihreä
Moodi Band
16,90 €
Halti Moodi Pipo - Musta
Halti Moodi Pipo - Vihreä
Moodi Beanie
29,90 €
Isku III Men's XCT Jacket
Isku III Men's XCT Jacket
139,00 €
Routa Men's XCT Anorak
Routa Men's XCT Anorak
179,00 €
Halti Olas Miesten Hiihtotakki - Punainen
Halti Olas men’s XCT jacket adrenaline rush red
Olas Men's XCT Jacket
149,00 €
Halti Vire Miesten Hiihtopuku - Sininen
Halti Vire men’s XCT set stellar blue
Vire Men's XCT Set
179,00 €
Halti Nietos Miesten Hiihtopuku - Sininen Takki
Nietos Men's XCT Set
Nietos Men's XCT Set
179,00 €
Halti Tripla Miesten Hiihtotakki - Sininen
Tripla II Men's XCT Jacket
169,00 €

Halti cross-country ski clothes for men

Find your new favorite cross-country ski gear from Halti!

We here at Halti, have a long experience of working with professional athletes to create great pieces for nordic skiers. Halti men's ski clothes combine quality and style, but also excellent technical features. In Halti's selection, you will find suitable ski clothing, whether you are a demanding and goal-oriented skier, a laid-back skier or anything in between. Nordic ski clothes are also very versatile - in addition to skiing, they can also be used for jogging and other active outdoor activities.

Halti's versatile selection offers cross-country jackets and pants with different features. In addition to classic XCT clothing, there are also lightly padded warmer ski jackets and pants for lower heart rate exercise and colder weather. For all skiers we recommend layering: add and remove layers when necessary. The function of the ski suit is ensured by the base layer that is chosen according to the activity. Choose either cooler technical base layer or warm merino wool base layer. You can get extra warmth by adding padded ski shorts and a vest. Complete the outfit with your favorite ski beanie or band and ski gloves.

All Halti cross-country ski clothes are designed and produced according to Halti's Think Ahead sustainability program respecting both our nature and people. All Halti products are PFC-free. We think ahead!

Order men's high-quality nordic ski clothing now from Halti's online store and hit the ski trails!

Halti nordic ski vest for men

Vest gives you the perfect extra warmth

Halti Routa nordic ski anorak for men

XCT anorak combines style and technical features

Halti momentum nordic ski jacket for men

For the enthusiastic athlete

FAQs about Halti men's Nordic ski collection

That's a good question!

First, we recommend to think, what kind of skier you are. If you're more demanding active user, you migh want to consider Momentum jacket and pants, that are the most breathable cross-country clothes in Haltis current collection. If you rather consider yourself as more laid-back kind of user, you might appreciate features that bring you comfort and warmth. Most of those low active users love cross-country ski jacket with a hood for example.

Another thing we recommend to think when choosing clothes for cross-counry, is weather conditions. If you're going to be using the clothes in freezing conditions, you would consider clothes that have lightly padded areas in them. Take a look in our Tripla II jacket and pants.

Please read more about choosing a ski set in our guide.

There are a lot of weatherproof materials used in Haltis cross-country ski clothes. Although they can't be called as waterproof clothes, as they are not completely made of waterproof materials. Cross-country ski clothes are usually a combination of technical breathable materials and wind- and waterpfoor material.

Find the breathability and waterproof values ​​in the material information of each product.

In our current collection, Momentum men's XCT jacket and Momentum men's XCT pants are the most breathable cross-country skiing clothing. They have highest breatability values and larger lycra panels in them.

Tripla series items are the warmest cross-country ski clothes in Halti's current collection. They have a light passing that bring warmth for the largest muscles. ExploreTripla series jacket, pants and vest now.

Yes! In general, all cross-country ski clothes are windproof. However, as cross-country ski clothes are almost always combination of different materials, can be parts that aren't windproof. Those parts are usually the breathable lycra materials.

Absolutely! Cross-country ski clothes are versitile and can be used for many other sports and activities too. Many people use them for winter time jogging for example.

It's because you will want to have as small wind resistance as possible when skiing.

As a material cotton is not breathable enough to use in sports. When the technical materials dry very quickly, cotton stays wet and cold. The point breathable outer layer disappears, when using cotton as a base layer, because cotton will not let heat pass and get out.

From natural fibers, merino wool works very good for sports. Merino wool is breathable and warm at the same time.

Shop technical base layers and merino wool base layers online.