Gifts For Outdoor Lovers

Gifts for him

A high-quality Hiker waterproof or Huippu down jacket is always a great option for a guy who enjoy nature and does not let some bad weather stop him. Pihka  merino underwear is the best outdoor gift for the guy who explore the nature all year around in various weather conditions.  

A warm sleeping bag, sleeping mattress and hiking backpack are all essential parts of any outdoorsmen’s adventure.  Check our Cylcon sleeping bags, Eco mattresses and Pursuit backpacks. 

Put a smile on a skiers face with a high quality ski jacket, that has all elements that skier is looking for. A water- and windproof ski jacket is a perfect gift for the one who loves snow.  Combine the set with waterproof and windproof ski pants and a beanie. 

Gifts for her

An outdoor-loving woman will appreciate a garment that is ecological, sustainable and long lasting. We recommend our Next Generation Jacket that is 100% recycle, and it can be worn in every day use but also as a hiking jacket. This jacket is a perfect choice for a woman who values timeless Scandinavian design.

An outdoorsy woman appreciate a gift that keeps her warm and dry when the weather gets bad. A waterproof jacket is a perfect gift who woman who does not stop when it's raining. When she loves to explore the nature on over night camping trips she would be grateful of the warm down jacket. 

The absolutely best gift for a skier is a merino base layer that keeps her warm and dry from early winter until spring season. Our Pihka merino shirt and pants are made of soft mulesing free 100% merino wool. 

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